In honor of the Women’s March rallies around the world this weekend, I wanted to bring you all a double dose of female inspiration with the Levy sisters. These two fierce, free-spirited sisters are infectious with their passion for being creative and bringing positivity and love into the community around them.

Jody Levy is the Co-founder + Creative Director WTRMLN WTR, Founder + Creative Director + Executive Producer of Stitch Experience Design, and Partner GEM&BOLT Mezcal + Damiana. I had the pleasure of discovering GEM&BOLT Mezcal on a recent trip to Tulum and fell in love with this spirit. My husband and I hunted it down at every bar we could find! Jody’s business WTRMLN WTR bring together sustainability and a positive outlook on health to provide a delicious product. As someone obsessed with watermelon, I couldn’t be more thrilled about this product. It is a perfect thirst quencher after a workout… Like the workout her sister Melissa provides. 

Her sister, Melissa Levy, is just as inspirational. Melissa is based in Denver and is Founder of The REBEL Workout. If you live in Denver and you haven’t tried out this high intensity workout, I highly recommend it. They have Biking and Barre classes and Cardio and Core classes, along with their signature Rebel Workout which is sure to make you sweat and leave feeling accomplished. They also provide yoga classes too so you can recover and find your inner peace after all that action. 

Thank you Levy sisters for being our Inspired Women of January. And thank you for showing us just what powerful, strong and fearless leaders women can be!

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Inspired Women: Jody Levy

Tell me about your background, both professionally and personally. 

JL: I am an entrepreneur, artist, designer, director, producer and educator from the Detroit area who lives in New York City. I am a maker. I believe in bridging the gap between consciousness and commerce by building companies that are founded on a platform of love and community.

I love that. So much passion. And so juicy!

What inspired you to create WTRMLN WTR?

JL: My WTRMLN WTR co-founder Harlan Berger share a fact with me that there are millions of pounds of unused watermelons in America every year. They are waste melons that are not sold at retail because they are ugly … bruised, blemished and oddly shaped. So we set out to make use of these waste melons and cold-press them into a super clean hydration beverage called WTRMLN WTR. We created a product, brand and category that is founded on love and positive energy and inspiring people to live happy and healthy lives. 

What inspires you on a daily basis?

JL: My sister Melissa! Beauty in people, how they express themselves. The bright green of the grass and trees. People doing kind things for one another. Art and great design. Super smart humans solving super hard problems. My family and amazing friends. Great music. The way my people make me laugh and smile. The conquest of doing things that have never before been done.

Amen sister! Feeling you big time on all of that. I can so clearly feel that your whole life is fueled through your passions.

What inspires you most about your sister?

JL: My sister is the strongest person I know. Her daily actions and advice reminds me to be the best version of myself. She inspires me to be a warrior as much as she reminds me to be soft and full of compassion. Melissa has this wise ability to see what I often cannot. She is my best friend and my soul mate. We come together to do big work for each other and the world around us.

In what ways does your collaboration with your sister enhance your life personally and professionally?

JL: Collaborating with Melissa is a gift. She and I think about things from very different perspectives which yields awesome integrated end results. We laugh our asses off, we keep things fun and light and aim to inspire people with our brands, our events and our stories. We work together to lead by example and we hold one another accountable for being our best and highest selves. It is very powerful to have an ally that walks this walk of life with me and helps solve the micro and macro challenges as they arise.

What way do you seek to find the work/life balance?

JL: Daily workouts. Morning meditation. Being in the woods. Painting. Riding my bike through NYC while I take conference calls.

That is so impressive that you ride your bike through the City while on conference calls. It reminds me of how Arianna Huffington takes most of her meetings on foot in the city. She will have someone meet her and they will walk through the City while they have their meeting. 

What do you love most about living in NYC?

JL: The energy. The pace. The happenings. Most of all the people … NYC is filled with a creative community that is all out to help and support one another. It is pure magic. Like nothing I have experienced anywhere else on the globe.  

What is on your music playlist currently?

Alicia Keys – HERE Album. Holy War on repeat. Satori Live from our GEM&BOLT Mezcal event       for Dia De Muertos in Oaxaca. Be entrepreneurs DJ set from Burning Man. Birds of Mind DJ set titled     The Lights of Isfahan. WAI – Gospel Of The Sun. Goldcap.

I, too, am obsessed with Alicia and her new album. So much passion and vulnerability. It gives me chills.

Please describe your personal style.

JL: My style is artful and edgy. I usually rock big black leather boots with stretch pants and a dress or suit jacket. I step out each morning dressed to show up anywhere… an investor meeting, a dance floor or an impromptu workout.

What do you eat for breakfast?

JL: I start my day in the early morning with my most productive time between 5:30 -8:30 am. I power up with Bulletproof coffee .. MCT oil, collagen protein and coffee. Around 11 am I have a smoothie with plant proteins and superfoods to keep me rocking for much of my day

What does contemporary bohemian mean to you?

JL: Contemporary bohemian is an avant guard gypsy with a love for the finer fringe, adornments and details paired into a sophisticated edge. 

Inspired Women: Melissa Levy

Tell me about your background, both professionally and personally.

ML: I’m originally from the Detroit area and grew up in a very special family filled with entrepreneurs, creators, artists and overall badass humans. My family inspired me every day to follow my heart and find the things in life that fulfill my passion and gusto. I travelled all over the globe learning from and connecting with people in different cultures, it inspired me to create a business that brings people of all walks of life together. Human movement and wellness were fascinating to me. I became obsessed with learning about musculature, functional movement, and connection to our inner self. I became an activist for clean, healthy food and soon realized that I had found my passion. It then all came together in the form of The REBEL Workout. 

What inspired you to open The Rebel Workout?

ML: Most gyms and studios were built on the premise that your body isn’t good enough, your not skinny enough, your not muscular enough… I had a vision of a space for true wellness, self-love, and positive vibes. 

I love that! Yes 1000%!

What inspires you on a daily basis?

ML: My sister Jody! She is seriously amazing. Colorado Sunshine, we are so spoiled here. My REBEL trainers and our REBEL community . My tribe ( Family, friends). Music. Overcoming challenges and problem solving. Conscious humans fighting for our planet, our food and our communities. Really good food! 

What inspires you most about your sister?

ML: Jody is literally unstoppable. She never lets anyone tell her no, she perseveres through everything with a huge smile on her face. She can walk into a room, command attention and leave with an entire new group of friends, allys and partners. Her free spirited energy is contagious, no matter the place or the time of day, a dance party, or adventure is entirely possible. She teaches me to work through adversity, look for the light in those around me, and to keep going deeper and deeper within myself. 

That is so beautiful. 

In what ways does your collaboration with your sister enhance your life both personally and professionally?

ML: In addition to being sisters, Jody and I are the best of friends. We are not afraid to speak our minds or stand up to each other which results in some of the most interesting and intense collaborations. Jody is an artist in all sense of the word. Her ingenuity and my pragmatism blend in some of the most crazy and creative ways. We throw ideas off of each other on a daily basis. We critique, support and hold space for each other in life and in work. I love our energy together. It is fierce and unstoppable! 

What are ways you seek to find the work/life balance?

ML: Time with friends! Play time… Anything that brings out my creative, free spirited self. Workouts in my beautiful studio. Walks with my fur-baby Luxe. Mama nature. Meditation or breathe work. 

I am with you on all of that. Especially walks with the fur baby. We will have to get our fur babies together for a walk!!

What’s on your music playlist currently?

ML: Satori Musica!!! If we all had a theme song this would be mine. Tribe Called Quest. Karol Conka.

What do you eat for breakfast?

ML: I go to work at 5:30AM which means I need brain power to fuel my morning sessions with clients. I start every single morning with a half decaf Bulletproof coffee. I blend pasture-raised butter, Brain octane, coconut milk and collagen powder with my coffee. Its literally pure bliss and keeps me full and satisfied all morning. 

I tried a decaf Bulletproof in LA one time. I can’t stomach coffee anymore in my life but I was determined to try it. I was floating on a high all day. It was magical. Unfortunately, I was sick all night.. But it was definitely worth the experience!

What do you love most about living in Colorado?

ML: Sunshine and trails! Being in nature is truly what grounds me. 

Please describe your personal style.

ML: I have an entire closet of black clothes…Lots of leather, black jeans or leggings and edgy cut tops. I like to rock colorful jewelry that has a bohemian or global vibe to it. I love funky sneakers and boots. I actually think I may have a sneaker addiction and I’m not afraid to rock something a little bizarre. We have a full retail store in the studio so I tend to buy all my workout clothes from there. 

What does contemporary bohemian mean to you?

ML: To me Contemporary bohemian is a style that is clean, fresh and modern. Its the blend between graphic prints from around the world with white clean smooth lines and natural light colors. 




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