This week’s wellness profile is from my dear friend’s brand new natural food start up out of Boulder, Colorado, Chia Viva. Chia Viva is an organic chia seed pudding in three different flavors, chocolate banana, blueberry vanilla and cinnamon coconut, all with the intention that they can be enjoyed anytime of day. Whether breakfast, as a kid’s lunch snack, or a post-gym snack, these little puddings are super versitle. I personally have been making chia seed pudding off and on for a few years. The store bought varieties I had tried previous to this lacked the consistency and flavor of my homemade recipe. I am so excited that my friends have found a way to get the delicious flavors and freshness of chia pudding in a grab and go formula that allows me to enjoy chia pudding without having to make it myself. I already know exactly what I will be eating this winter before hopping on the slopes in the morning for that first chair powder run!!

I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Chia Viva’s CEO and co-founder Jody Polishchuk and his wife Willow, since we are all in our early 20’s. We bonded over a love for art and music. Willow and I have been sharing recipes and our favorite wellness and wisdom books for as long as I can remember. They are some of the most passionate and sincere people I know. It is so amazing to see these beautiful humans bring their wellness passions to us all. I know my husband and I are so excited about Chia Viva and having an easy healthy snack and breakfast when we are on the go. (which is alot) I am also super excited to introduce Chia Viva to my darling nieces who don’t neccessarily normally eat healthy snacks. This will be their gateway healthy snack. My two year old niece is already asking for the banana pudding. So dear.

I interviewed Jody to share with you his wellness passions and what inspired him to start Chia Viva.

For more and to find Chia Viva in your area, go to their website, and follow them on Facebook, instagram and twitter. On their website you can read more in detail the Chia Viva story and what inspired Jody and his partner Neal to start this adventure. As well as all the amazing benefits of chia seeds, and their chia seed pudding.

How did you get into the natural health food industry?

I’ve been a consumer of natural foods since my early 20’s and have always been interested in the natural food space. My wife Willow and I started an organic cold-pressed juice company in Vancouver several years ago and after selling that business rather quickly I knew I wanted to stay in this industry and play on a much larger level. It’s so cool to make and share products that contribute to the wellbeing of others.

What do you love most about Chia Viva?

Everything! It tastes incredible, it’s really nutritious and it’s truly a very versatile snack food. There aren’t many products out there that you can legitimately be eaten for breakfast, before the gym, as a snack AND that you can feel good about giving to your kids in their lunchbox.

What is your favorite clean eating meal?

We love eating a simple salad of greens from the farmers market, toasted pumpkin seeds and a really high quality olive oil and balsamic vinegar, with lots of crunchy Maldon salt of course.

What is your favorite food indulgence?

Sun Cups! I have a peanut allergy and have never been able to eat peanut butter cups. Sun Cups are like Reese’s cups but made with sunflower butter and fair trade chocolate, and they’re Boulder based. They’re the BEST. We love them and eat them regularly.

What does wellness mean to you?

Wellness to me means the philosophy of putting into practise the rituals that make you feel good. That is of course different for each person but I think it’s the foundation of how my wife and I eat and live, which is pretty clean most of the time. But also eating what we want, within reason. Life is short and we definitely enjoy it though food, while making sure we put in our bodies the things that we know will keep us operating on a high level. What I’ve personally noticed is the cleaner and more refined my diet is, the more I can get away with in terms of indulgences. If indulgences are the baseline, then I feel like crap.

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