For this week’s studio profile I went to The Dailey Method in Denver Highlands. I love barre classes, so I was excited to try a new barre experience. TDM is awesome. My triceps were sore for like three days after my first class. This place is no joke. The vibe is bright and friendly, which is helpful since the workouts are so hard. I love the attention to alignment that they give here. There is also more attention to the alignment and engaging of the core than I have previously experienced in barre classes. I am excited to start adding TDM into my workout routine.

If you go to the studio in Denver, make sure to take a class from the owner, Carrie Krane. She is masterful and inspiring. I interviewed her to find out more about TDM and what inspired her to bring this method to Denver.

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How did you discover The Dailey Method?

I discovered The Dailey Method in 2002 when I moved to San Francisco. It was in a tiny studio space in the Marina district, and when I looked through the window, it appeared to be an easy stretching class. I was doing a half marathon the next day so I thought it would be a good idea to try. I was sorely mistaken, as it was no easy stretching class!!

What inspired you to bring it to Denver? (and Boulder?)

I fell in love with The Dailey Method when I moved to Marin (across the Golden Gate Bridge) and started frequenting the studio there. This was about 2005. I got laid off from a job at a tech company and was probably taking classes daily (no pun intended). When Jill Dailey asked if I wanted to teacher train, it hit me how much I wanted to open a studio one day. I kept it to myself for a few years but it didn’t go away. I had some really cool jobs, but nothing was making me feel like I was making an impact or helping people in the way that I wanted to. It was years before it came to fruition. I went to U of Colorado at Boulder, so Denver/Boulder were at the top of my list when I started my search outside of The Bay Area. I went in pretty blind as I had never lived in Denver, but I am so grateful and lucky for how things turned out, for my teachers, for the community, for all of it. I wanted to take TDM to a new market where I knew people would love it and it could grow.

What is your fitness background?

I grew up playing tennis and running, and was very inflexible. When I moved to San Francisco, I started taking a lot of yoga before discovering The Dailey Method. I had very limited body awareness and had not taught anything before. The class was challenging for me to understand and feel in my body, and as I learned and deepened my practice, it not only changed my body, I also realized what an intelligent method it is and how much it tapped into how much I love to learn. So my fitness background is probably different than a lot of studio owners, because mine was limited. I think the challenges I faced when I started as a student at TDM have helped me to teach it from a place of compassion and understanding that it is hard! (but fun and so engaging at the same time). I am not sure if I answered your question 🙂

What do you love most about your studio and the community at The Dailey Method?

With the risk of sounding corny, the community is seriously inspiring and awesome! I am grateful everyday. So many friendships have come out of the studio and I can truly say it is such a nice place to be with so many smiling faces, friends, total ease and comfort, with also a lot of healthy butt-kicking. I am amazed by how strong (physically and mentally) the community has become. There is a great group of people who love to not only take care of their bodies and minds, but who also love to be students, love to learn and deepen their practice. I believe the way we are in the studio is who we are in the world and I am grateful for everyone who walks through the doors and has big smiles on their faces when things can be so hard in class! I learn from them everyday.

What is your advice to someone new to The Dailey Method?

It is a lot of information at first, so if you can, try a “Dailey Basics” class first. If the Basics times don’t work, Dailey Barre is great too, but make it to Basics in your first week or two of practice. Once things start to click, you will feel amazing. We see it on peoples’ faces and in their eyes all the time! Give it at least 3 classes and I can’t recommend enough getting our New Student Unlimited Month (a serious steal at $79) and commit to 3+ times per week in that first month. You will be amazed by the incredible transformation you will feel and see in mind, body, mood, posture, everything! AND, an exclusive offer to Among the Colors readers – use promo code AMONGTHECOLORS at checkout for $20 off this initial New Student Month!! Offer must be purchased by 9/15 for $20 discount! Once purchased, you have 3 months to start your package and it lasts 30 days from your first class.

Describe your fitness activities outside of the studio.

I usually take 3-6 TDM classes per week. I don’t have time for a ton outside, but when I can I LOVE yoga and geek out when I get to take from the amazing teachers in Denver and Boulder. And I love Fierce 45 as it kicks my butt, and when I can, I love to hike, ski and be outside.

What is your favorite clean eating meal? What is your favorite food indulgence?

I love a good piece of grilled or steamed fish and a ton of veggies. If they are from the garden, that’s a bonus as they taste so good. My favorite food indulgence is really good pasta, and wine.

What does wellness mean to you?

Wellness to be means balance and integrity. Finding true balance in life is nearly impossible, but I strive to have integrity in everything I do. I love to exercise once a day, to try to eat the best I can and put good things in my body as much as possible, to work, to play, to spend time w/ friends and to be outside, and to always learn and be a student.

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