Our resident spirituality expert- Rory Luna McMahan uses Mystic Mondays Tarot gives colorful insight for the spiritual walk.

The Deck: From my very first glance, I was immediately drawn to the beautifully intense color palette of Mystic Mondays TarotAt my next glance, I became enthralled with the defined simplicity of its imagery. (Grace Duong’s Devil card for instance, is a frankly brilliant depiction of that often misunderstood archetype.) This may not be the most accessible deck for newer readers wanting clear guidance from the images themselves, but for those who take an intuitive approach to reading tarot, the minimalist symbolism contained here allows for an expansive tune-in, supported by visceral tonalities and a sharply linear form that bypasses the mind and goes straight to the heart. Seasoned readers will find small details which uncover the more complicated totality of traditional tarot, such as the horizoned perspective of the Three of Wands, the internal-to-external flow of the Queen of Cups, and the extra-sensory vision of The High Priestess. And there are small, clever nods to the standard symbols almost everywhere. At its very core, the energetic messages come through clearly, and that is something any diviner can appreciate. This is a truly multi-faceted experience. Mystic Mondays is wonderfully unobtrusive for anyone who might be nervous about diving head-first into soulful spaces, vibrantly talkative for those who dive into those spaces all the time- and just flat-out eye candy to look at with every draw.

The Reading: This current cycle is calling for you to take a leap of faith- not into the unknown, but into knowing fully your best self in whole. The only thing standing in your own way right now is you, and the more you do to dig into where that’s happening and what it could look like if you don’t, the more you are going to live the kind of life you are looking for. The life you feel pouring through your heart rather than the uncertain one within your mind. Scary? Yes, but you know it’s not because of how bad it might be. It’s because of how good it might be. And even good change, when it is this profound, feels terrifying when you are standing at the edge of it. It’s time to trust how brilliant it will feel when you step into it all at last.

Before you pull your cards, bless your reading space with sandalwood, cinnamon, dragon’s blood, and/or orange. You can do this by having a small dish to place them in as offering, by sprinkling them on your cloth, by burning incense, or by anointing yourself on the palms of your hands. When you are ready, take a deep breath and draw these cards one at a time:

Card 1: What holds me back from living my most vibrant life?

Card 2: And how do I push through it?

Card 3: What supports me in living my most vibrant life?

Card 4: And how do I call that forth?

Whether these reveal a way of being, a way of taking action, or insight into what either might bring, know that you are being gifted the wisdom you need to take the leap you are ready for.

The Tip: Reading the book that comes with your deck, or any that you buy on interpreting the Tarot, will always provide you valuable information about what each card is meant to convey, whether traditionally or in the eyes of the author. But don’t be afraid to step away from the head space of knowledge and fall into the soul space of intuitive wisdom. Before you crack open the official guides, spend some time allowing your eyes and heart to pick up on the energy in front of you. Let the colors speak to you about their messages- dark, quiet, riotous, happy, frightening, peaceful, beloved or disliked. Let the directions of the lines and images pull you into contemplation as to your own direction, whether sinking, rising, moving forward or looking back. Consider if sharp angles or curves dominate the visual, and discover how that might trigger your own feelings about organization, physicality, or flow. When it comes to figuring out the message at hand, what other people say about a card is important, but what you feel about a card is the most important thing of all.

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