Transform your perceptions with the Amenti Oracle

The Deck: There is no other way to say it: This is a truly remarkable deck. No matter how often I reach into this deceptively simple realm, the depth of knowledge that emerges within the Amenti Oracle is astonishing, powerful, and transformative in completely unexpected ways, pushing me into multi-layered explorations of spirit and how spirit has the potential to manifest into form each and every day. The clean and beautiful drawings by illustrator Natalee Miller capture the ever-present duality of the elevated path – pure simplicity bound together with endless complexity – while author Jennifer Sodini stuns me again and again with her profound expressions of humanity’s most ancient wisdoms, woven into both usable and gorgeously poetic form. When you use this deck, be sure not to stop at the single conceptual phrase written at the bottom of each card, and do not make the mistake of underestimating what that phrase is calling out for you. It does not mean what you think it does. Open the book and read what the pathwork actually reveals about your way forward into your best self – into your own Feather Heart. I cannot recommend this extraordinary creation highly enough to any who are seeking their own personal expansion of body, of mind, and of enlightened soul.

The Reading:  When the world and its circumstances feel especially heavy, as they do now, it can serve us well to seek our own path to enlightenment. It can also serve us well to remember that our path, our lessons, and our alignment will not be the same as those around us but instead will be a unique and powerful journey into our own spiraling spirit spaces, as diverse from each other as the stars in the sky – and just as beautiful when seen in the totality of creation. It is time to be your own light, and by doing so, to become a light that lights the way for all.

Light one simple, white candle. Close your eyes, take a deep and centering breath, and lay your cards out before you.  Draw with intention each of these three cards, laid vertically from the bottom to the top:

Base Card 1:  What energy is holding me down?

Center Card 2:  What energy will break through my barriers?

Top Card 3: What energy is my enlightened self?

As you explore the cards before you, seek to understand them both for the information they offer in their singular positional form and also in their combined upward-moving vision – the path you are evolving through on your personal journey from form into light.

The Tip: Even long-time oracle readers can get overwhelmed by trying to put together the meaning of a collection of cards in relationship to one another. Rather than stressing about unlocking their interplay in purely logical form, allow yourself to play with the visual connections that often reveal themselves and give clues to what the overarching energy being expressed might be. For instance, look closely at the details and symbols contained on each card, and see if those same symbols show up on the other cards in your spread. Does every card contain an eye? The color red? A triangle? Wings, or a flower, or water?  Pay attention to the direction that figures are standing in relationship to one another. Are the beings facing each other, looking in opposite directions, or gazing right at you? Search for any progression in imagery as well, such as the first card having a single small plant, the second a larger one, and the third a mature tree or a forest; or perhaps a progressively waxing or waning moon; or a person moving from one place to another. But most importantly, remember that the process of divination is not about reading it “right” or “wrong.” It is about opening reflective spaces that help you unfold your own personal wisdoms, perceptions, and epiphanies. Trust that even when you are frustrated about your ability to connect the dots of a unified spread, recognizing repetitions and synchronicities throughout your draws will always serve to expand upon those ultimate revelations.

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