Our resident spirituality expert- Rory Luna McMahan uses, The Wild Unknown Animal Spirit Deck to unleash our inner truth.

The Deck:  There are a lot of animal spirit decks out there to choose from, and while they can be fun to use, many miss the mark on truly connecting with deeper insight into the situation at hand. Others can often feel appropriative or trite, linking into just enough common sense to seem knowledgeable yet somehow not truly opening the transformative spaces we seek. But Kim Krans, in her mesmerizingly mysterious wild ways, brings all the pieces together and creates a place where metamorphosis of our selves reveals itself as easily as the images do before our eyes. The Wild Unknown Animal Spirit Deck, with its truly beautiful drawings and energetic arrangement based on the elements – Earth, Air, Fire, Water, and Ether – allows information to cross over from the physical forms we know into the spiritual realms we want to know. And I consistently find that the interpretations of these beings, while sacred in their first reveal during my draws, then continue to resonate across much more than just the moment in which I drew them – their wisdom shows up again and again as my days unfold before me. The Animal Spirit Deck is an offering that you will want to linger over, so do not rush through your experience discovering the messages each of these cards hold. This is a deck which speaks gracefully beyond the sum of its parts, and each draw will pull you into a creatured and very living world of its own. 

The Reading:  We are moving back into balance now, and the relief is palpable – although after the last few cycles, it can still be hard to trust that smoother waters lay ahead rather than nervously waiting for the other shoe to drop. But things really are changing, and for the better. You’ve done the hard work of clearing and seeking and finding and claiming, and it is time to see what you have become through these transformations as well as what you are capable of now that you have opened your own way.

For this month’s reading, create a space for yourself that feels grounded and earthy. You can sit outside on the grass, or use a wooden table, or place stones around you. Whatever you do, know that you are of this sacred Earth, and you have a sacred place among it all. Take a few deep breaths to center and connect with the beautiful physical world around you. Remind yourself that nature is divine and soulful just like every other facet of this life, and accept deep within your heart that there is guidance and wisdom for you in every manifestation of it.

Lay out your deck in whatever manner you prefer. When you are ready, draw a card for each of these five energies:

Card 1 – Earth:  What way of being creates my physical balance now?

Card 2 – Air:  What way of being creates my mental balance now?

Card 3 – Fire:  What way of being creates my spiritual balance now?

Card 4 – Water:  What way of being creates my emotional balance now?

Card 5 – Ether:  What way of being creates balance with my highest self now?

Take some time to dive into each of these wisdoms you receive. You have changed in unimaginable ways these past few months and uncovered completely new truths about yourself and your life. You have done the work to leave behind the pieces that do not serve you and to walk more and more fully as your authentic self. As you regain your footing at last, you will need time to discover who you are on the other side of that journey, to find how your relationship to your own many ways of being has evolved.  You are just beginning to learn what you have become. Allow yourself to linger with the new you and uncover all you now know.

The Tip:   Pulling cards in almost any setting is going to provide insight that will awaken your heart and mind – but when doing a reading, don’t underestimate the power of the space you use itself. Tarot and oracle cards gain much of their power to shift our way of thinking because they are both physical and visual, and by being those things they release us from the familiar spin of our mind’s perception and drop us into the voice of our visceral soul. Words are incredible, but layering that sensible understanding of a subject with art, symbol, and object enables us to embed ideas so much differently than written or spoken information alone is able to do. Take some time to experiment with intentionally creating the spaces where you draw your cards. Lay down a special cloth, light a candle, surround yourself with a circle of flower petals, salt, or stones, or keep incense burning as you prepare to read. Consider the music you have playing in the background, or even drum for yourself before you begin your divinations. Your spiritual quest deserves a temple, and whether big or small, whether a single candle on a table or an entire room full of sacred things, your purposeful and thoughtful creation of your surroundings can exponentially deepen the experiences you have. And there are no rules, so don’t be hesitant to use whatever calls to you. The twig you found has as much vibration as your ancestor’s jewelry, and both will show your acknowledgment that you are listening and you are ready to receive.

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