Our resident spirituality expert – Rory Lula McMahan – is blissing out on this month’s deck, The Lioness Oracle Tarot.

The Deck: Some decks push me towards understanding my shadows. The Lioness Oracle pushes me towards facing what could actually make me happy. It’s a common misconception we have that real meaning is only found in the dark spaces we hold, but so often it is our love, our desires, and our joy that is trying to reach out and teach us what we need to know – and we constantly dismiss those messages as meaningless because they don’t trigger our embedded societal input that something only has spiritual value if it makes us face our fears. But this couldn’t be further from the truth, and The Lioness Oracle opens those wise spaces of the heart so gently and so, so beautifully. Created as visually stunning collage, Alejandra Leon has brought sacred space into form in a way that reminds me it isn’t always about the struggle to overcome. It is also about accepting the gifts – about seeing the infinite value of my peace, my bliss, and my happiness. Because when I stand before the beauty that awakens my soul, I know the heights of my soul. And that is as priceless as knowing what its depths are.

The Reading: Scorpio full moons bring us face to face with what we truly lust for – they bring our deepest desires into the light. As we now cycle towards the energy of the Gemini new moon, there is an opportunity from move from knowing into living, from singular existence into our connection with the world, and to bring our most profound gifts along with us – not so we can own them but so that we can share them. You constantly step up to face your fears. It is time to face your blessings. Lay your cards out before you in a fan, and close your eyes. Imagine yourself deeply, deeply happy. Picture yourself calm, and at peace, and wanting for nothing. Allow yourself to feel this sensation to your core. When you become fully present in that visualized space, ask What is it that unlocks this life for me? Without opening your eyes, reach out and, in no hurry, choose three cards, one by one, placing them in front of you. Take another full, clearing breath, and open your eyes. Turn over each of your cards, and know that you are being offered the incredible gift of understanding what truly matters to you, what truly makes you feel whole and healed and blessed and happy.

As this current lunar cycle spirals out, allow yourself to let go of more and more that does not serve those sacred ways, and allow yourself to unapologetically seek and bring in more and more of the sacred ways that do.

The Tip: There are times when we are seeking information about a very positive concept, and we end up drawing some of a deck’s most dark and negative cards. Don’t allow yourself to get thrown off by your visceral response to some of the more intense images in a deck and instead focus in and remember the intent of your question. For instance, when asking a question like “What will make me happy,” we can get utterly heart-tangled by then pulling out The Tower or Death – we can assume that the Universe is telling us that happiness will never be ours. But in the context of the intention that’s been offered out, we can take a breath and think more clearly about what these might mean. The Tower in this context would not be referring to utter negative destruction. It is telling you that you will be happy when you have clear, open ground before you to build upon, when there are no longer unwanted pieces from your past getting in the way. The Death card revealing itself would not be a depressing message of hopelessness. It is offering the wisdom that rebirth and transformation is your way forward to your best life, that you will be happy when you learn to release your fear of the unknown and step willingly into it. Remember that if you ask a question like “What will make me happy,” there is no negative response possible. You will be granted information that serves exactly that, in all the best ways. Don’t let your human side tell you to panic. Use these investigative, curious experiences as a way to further expand your personal understanding of what divination can bring. Looking at soul is never about shutting down; it is always, always about opening up.

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