Our resident spirituality expert Rory Lula McMahan offers up her monthly insight into what this new moon cycle holds for you – and how to make it work for you.

The Deck: Art Oracles: Creative & Life Inspiration from Great Artists

The Draw: Jackson Pollock, Sophie Calle, Jean Cocteau

The Vibration: Stepping into your full power is an intoxicating thing. You have a remarkable ability to shine now and to be noticed for all the beauty and glory you carry within your soul. But as you walk amongst the physical world holding such light, do not forget its true purpose – to ultimately light the way. It can be ridiculously easy to fall into spaces of entitlement or ingratitude when life becomes even slightly more abundant, especially if there are preceding months of struggle and loss which have jaded your sense of fair play. It can be even easier to become defensive when called out for it. This cycle is all about learning how to walk in wonder and humility even as you are finally being lauded for every inch of who you are, about stepping into your ignorance with a sense of adventure around what you don’t yet know rather than with arrogance about what you already do, about understanding to your core that your most radiant upliftment comes from fearlessly integrating your most difficult falls. Denying the messy truth of what got you where you are serves no one and supports nothing except your own ego. And you are past that. You don’t need that. Here, now, at last, you have the pure strength to look at yourself through eyes compassion, devotion, and complete, full acceptance of your entire being – not with resignation because you must but with awe because you truly see how incredible you are. Allow the admiration of others to fill your heart, but allow the revelation of sacred love for yourself to be the unshakable foundation upon which you stand. As you move through this long-sought return to wholeness, to hope, and to expansion, shift your comprehension of this life from limited human vision to infinitely divine sight. Because right now, you absolutely can.

The Intention: Solitude and separation can be a soothing balm to the anxieties and stresses of your day-to-day existence, and you bathed in it every chance you had these past few weeks. But now, the sun has somehow returned, possibility is slowly pushing at your heart, and you are tentatively exploring re-engagement with the world around you. It is important to remember, however, that observation is not the same at all as participation, and simply being present does not in and of itself equate to actual connection with your circles. It is time to push through the last lingerings of loss over all that’s changed and allow yourself to fully re-enter your life – and the lives of those around you. Holding yourself back no longer serves a purpose, and in fact continuing to do so will prevent you from accessing the very things you want most. The whole point of shedding all you have is so that you can finally stand in your full, beautiful, unique authenticity, unafraid to see yourself for who you are, and unapologetic for letting others see it too. There is absolutely no one like you, and that is nothing less than a brilliant actuality. Don’t perpetuate the myth that your very human experiences make you somehow incomprehensible. Expose the truth that they make you vibrantly accessible to any who are simply willing to do the same.

Affirmation for the month: I love all that I am.

The Ritual: Gather colored pencils or markers and a few sheets of blank drawing paper. Sit in your sacred space, at your altar, or in a place that makes you feel safe and peaceful. If you wish, light a candle and/or put out any stones or items that are spiritually connecting for you.

Take a deep breath, and say, “I see myself. I love myself. I show myself.” Repeat several times, calling forth self-acceptance, spiritual support, and confidence.

Now take a sheet of paper, and write down as many varied words as you can think of to describe how you feel about yourself and see yourself – and how you want to feel about yourself and see yourself. Acknowledge that difficult experiences hold wisdom, but try to use positive phrasing even if you are still moving through or struggling with past ways of being. An example list might be: optimistic, shifting relationships, struggle, hurt, tired but resting, hopeful, healing, supported, potential, spirit, lost but authentic, letting go because I love myself, seeking, empowered, afraid but learning to be brave, bright, intuitive, grieving, successful, whole, calm, trusting, loved, surrounded by my true circle, abundant.

Now place your list next to you, and lay out a new blank sheet of paper. Take a deep breath, and once more say, “I see myself. I love myself. I show myself.” Again, repeat several times, calling forth self-acceptance, spiritual support, and confidence.

You will now be drawing your self-portrait not based on a physical photograph but upon the list of words you have created that captures your heart and soul. Using shapes, scribbled colors, outlines, symbols, or in any other form you wish, transform those words into a vision of who you are. If you are proficient and wish to create a classic human image, feel free, but be sure to use color and shape across it to symbolize and express the words you’ve chosen. If you are not an artist of any kind, think in terms of shapeless colors blended across the page, or shapes such as spirals, hearts, circles, squares, dots, lines, flowers, trees, leaves, etc. There are no rules – this can be organized or confused, recognizable or nonsensical, direct or completely abstract. Keep going through your list until every word has been turned into some sort of visual expression and your paper is covered with whatever comes from your mind, heart, soul, and hands.

When you are finished, lay your portrait out before you and, with humor or wonder or happiness or pleasure or peace – but without any critique or judgment – absorb this sacred, transformative, embodied, empowered vision of you, in all its multi-faceted, completely unique, non-reproducible, and magical beauty. Then lay your hands upon it and say, “I love, I love, I love all that I am.”

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