Our resident spirituality expert Rory Lula McMahan offers up her monthly insight into what this new moon cycle holds for you – and how to make it work for you.

The Deck: Amenti Oracle 

The Draw: 35 | Give Blessings, 24 | Listen to Opposing Opinions, 40 | Achieve with Integrity

The Vibration: Those who seek the enlightened – or even simply lighter – mind will have the opportunity to discover the deep secret of transforming conflict into consecrated evolution this month. Far from losing personal power, your ability to bless your interactions with your compassionate intentions will bring you unimaginable reward – the kind that frees your heart, fills your soul, and changes the very way you move throughout your world. Ignore the cynical mislabeling of your quest for divine perspective as escapism even if you stand accused of such. When you are able to step away from the understandable but limiting judgment of who deserves your blessings and instead strive to pour out unbound blessings upon all, you transmute the vibration of the Universe itself and open the way to true ascendance within your own spiritual walk. And that kind of stunning alignment brings stunning manifestation to every facet of your life. As Amenti Oracle author Jennifer Sodini writes, “Blessings offered become blessings allowed.” It is time to allow in the full harmony of what your sacred awareness and sacred intentionality can bring.

The Intention: Learning to be an evolved human is not always a comfortable task. And this is because evolving requires an honest look into the mirror which others constantly hold up before you – the one that asks you to recognize that opposition has value for its confrontation of your own way of moving in the world. If you never encounter visions that exist outside of your own box, you will never have access to anything but your own version of existence, and that leads to restriction, not growth. It is time to create conscious elevation through listening, through release of the automatic barriers you cast, and through exploration rather than anger. Diversity is the key to life itself, and honoring that diversity in whatever ways you can will lead to your expansion, not your evaporation. This work is not easy, but remember that standing in the center allows you to see everything in a way that standing on the edges never can. There is no need to give up your beliefs, your convictions, nor your own authentic way. There is only a need to open spaces so that you can learn from others as well – because that kind of learning allows more deeply knowing yourself.

Affirmation: I listen to other so that I may know myself. 

The Ritual: Gather a roll of white ribbon, wide enough to write on, and a collection of 5 colored pens: blue, yellow, white (or silver), green, and red. Place a gold candle on your table or altar, and experiment with black, deep blue, or dark gray as your cloth beneath it until you achieve the feel you want.

Take a centering breath, light the candle, and begin to write phrases along the white ribbon. Imagine that each section you write is a bracelet long enough to tie around your wrist, and change the colors of the pen you use as you complete each one. Use phrases that embody the best of who you want to be,  such as “I live what I speak,” “Honesty,” “I am compassionate,” “Walk my talk,” “Alignment,” “Highest Self,” “Words matter, actions matter” “Evolved,” “High Vibration,” etc. Continue until you have written out enough to have one bracelet for each day between now and the full moon on November 12. Then cut the very end free so that you have one single, long ribbon of words.

Wrap or bunch the ribbon in your hands and hold it to your mouth. Breathe onto it three times with the words,”I embody my best self.” 

Place the ribbon on your table and, for a few quiet moments, honor the light, empowerment, and ability you are calling forth within yourself and now allowing to shine out. When you are ready, cut the first section off and tie the day’s bracelet around your wrist. Say the words written out loud. Extinguish your candle, and wear your intention for the day. Repeat each morning, placing the previous day’s ribbon on your table or in a dish and cutting off the next one to wear, until the full moon comes. That night, take all of the ribbons outside together and bury them in the earth, intentioning to release anything at all that has been standing in your way of being the kind of person you want to be and from living in a way that feels good each and every day.

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