Our resident spirituality expert Rory Lula McMahan offers up her monthly insight into what this new moon cycle holds for you – and how to make it work for you.

The Deck: The Wild Unknown Animal Spirit Deck

The Draw: Lamb, Oyster, Panther

The Vibration: Do not underestimate the value of the wisdom you receive this cycle simply because it comes into your life quietly. As you walk through this often confusing existence, it can be so easy to mistake glamor for beauty and noise for knowledge, but now you have a precious opportunity to turn away from the edges and toward the center of it all, to the places that bring you comfort, and peace, and calm. To the places that hold your own truth. And this awakens another new nudge that you cannot ignore: Beyond just knowing yourself, it is time to also let others know you. It’s been exhausting trying to be everything you thought you were supposed to be. It’s been hard living under the weight of ways you have outgrown, the expectations that other people put upon you, and the dreams that turned out to be not your own dreams at all. But at last, there is a glint of hope like sunrise beginning to fill your soul. A glimmer of understanding. A realization that all you really want to be is just you. You are ready for the deep surrender that, yes, you want to be loved and you want to be accepted – as well as that you surely do not want it at the expense of being yourself. This certainty is born out of what is now your lifetime of experience and experimentation, an irreplaceable cauldron filled with beliefs, personalities, vibrations, and environments tried out and tried on, each as valuable as gold whether worn or rejected, whether kept or abandoned because bit by unassuming bit they exposed the core of who you actually are. Trust what you are hearing in your heart. Receive the messages being gently sent by the Universe. You are ready for contentment, and that can only be found in the deep, sacred well of you being you.

The Intention: Even when you move through life as an awakened soul, this reality sees you as mostly human. It’s no wonder that you struggle against the disconnect between how you feel on the inside and how you function on the outside. But remember, the input you receive every day is based on the facets you are willing to show, responses to and reflections of only the most surface pieces of yourself – because who, truly, can see what you are within? It is time for those days to end. It is time to begin the process of spiritual cohesion between who you know you are and who you are willing to be. This is not to say that you aren’t seeking and indeed walking in authenticity and truth. It’s more that there are brilliant gifts you are holding back from the eyes of the world, ways of knowing and creating and being present that you have not shared with the humanity around you, that you may not even acknowledge about yourself – and you are being called to open up and offer your singular beauty in service of a more beautiful reality for all. Any negativity you are holding onto about your worth is a false distraction from the aligned power you are meant to offer here. As counter-intuitive as it may seem, hiding your light does not protect you nearly as well as shining it out will.

Affirmation for the Month: I allow my soul to shine.

The Ritual: You will need a small box; a small piece of paper that, when folded, will fit into the box; a pen; and a small white flower.

As always, sit in a place that makes you feel safe and peaceful, whether that is at your kitchen table or at your altar; and if you wish, light a candle and/or put out any stones or items that are spiritually connecting for you. When you are ready, close your eyes and take a few deep breaths, allowing the day to slowly release. Open your eyes.

On the top of your box, write or tape on your name in bold, clear lettering. Sit and hold this box while you gaze at the word written there. How does it make you feel? What do you believe your name, as carried by you, conjures up in others’ minds? Visually focus on how your name looks written out, little symbols and lines and curves across the lid. Connect with its appearance, its vibration, its sound in your head. This is the name you were given in this life by others or the one you chose to wear, and whether ancestral or brand-new, it represents the outer skin you exist in as you move through this incarnation.

Now take your small piece of paper and allow your attention to turn from the outer expression of your name to the inner truths you know about yourself, the senses and knowings you’ve had as long as you can remember. Begin to write words that call forth your deepest sense of self, the ways of being you push down or hide from others’ eyes because they feel too vulnerable to risk exposing. The talent no one knows you have. The ways you serve that no one is aware of. The lifelong calling you have felt but never acted upon. Your most craved desire. Your most beloved dream. What truly drives you forward every day. When you are ready, fold this paper and put it inside of your box along with the white flower (or a petal), closing the top to hide it again. Tape the lid shut.

This is you. The outer you and the inner you, a treasure pushed inside a box, the eternal masked in the ephemeral. Carry this little box with you from new moon to full moon and connect with its sacred message: You are hiding away your greatest gifts in a place they cannot ever be seen. You have such a thing of beauty sealed away. If this was someone else’s treasure, you would beg to open it and expose the brilliance within. The Universe is begging that of you.

On the full moon, break through the seal and open it up. Take the flower and the paper out of the box and place them on their own beneath the bright moonlight, where they are at last exposed and bathed in the cool, graceful blessing of the Sacred. In the grateful blessing of the Sacred, because you are ready to be you – and to let who you truly are be seen.

Carry the petal and paper with you or place it on your altar for the rest of this lunar cycle, full moon to new, without returning it to the box. And practice letting yourself shine in the world without hiding your soul-self away.

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