Our resident spirituality expert Rory Lula McMahan offers up her monthly insight into what this new moon cycle holds for you – and how to make it work for you.

The Deck: Spirit Speak

The Draw: 3 of Cups, Ace of Cups, IX The Hermit

The Vibration: You are being asked to step into the full happiness of your life now, but interestingly enough, what makes you happy may come from a quite unexpected place – yourself. You are beginning to realize that to truly join the community around you, you must also honor your own soul. If you cannot acknowledge what you yourself possess, if you cannot see the depth of knowledge that you hold, the beauty you bring, the deep and mysterious wisdom that is planted within you, then you will not be able to harvest all the bounty of your own life nor share it with those you love the most. Do not be afraid to see yourself through the eyes of your circle. Do not turn away from the mirror they offer, from the powerful words they speak about your being. Join them in toasting the incredible worth of the sacred ways you have opened and fearlessly acknowledge your own role in their creation. Now is the time to not just reflect on your value but to claim it fully. The reborn potential of your present has been built from the defined outlines of your past as well as from the indefinable flow of your spirit into all that is to come, and it is your unwavering acceptance of both that unites you with all the possibilities of your world. You are not empty and alone – you are overflowing and connected and loved beyond measure. Drink from the cup of your life, and vow that you will finally, finally believe it. Under the gateway of the eclipses, let go of your fear and allow yourself to feel again at last.

The Intention: The changes you have been pushed – or forced – to make over the past few cycles are coming to full fruition, and as hard as those brutally intense releases have been, they are what now create an utterly sacred space of complete renewal. At times rose-colored glasses can lead you into deception, but today they are allowing you to see the truth: Life is beautiful. Though your practical side may try to hold you back or even hold you down, do not doubt what your eyes are telling you and what your heart knows. You are standing at the portal to your healed soul, and your path is flowing out before you, golden and honeyed and nothing less than divine. You are reconnecting to the energy of the world and the people within it at a whole new level, and you understand the subtleties coursing around you in a whole new way. Whatever you need, you will receive, and whatever others need from you, you are able to give. Do not retreat from this integrated beauty. You did not enter the dark to stay there forevermore – it was to seek and then return with your spirit finally alight. Open your heart and let it all in. Step forward with pure trust that what you see is real. There is nothing to doubt any longer and oh so much to gain.

The Affirmation: I receive the overflowing beauty of my life.

The Ritual: On your table or altar, place a hand mirror, black crayon, three roses, single white candle, piece of notebook or similarly weighted paper, pen, a dark veil or scarf, a dish of water, and a pretty cup filled with a floral or citrus drink.

Light the candle, and take a few moments to experience its happy, dancing brightness. Now allow yourself to think about the struggles, griefs, changes, and journeys that you have walked over this past cycle, whether months or years. As you bring them into your heart-space, fully remembering their seemingly unbreakable presence in your life, drape the dark veil or scarf over your head and shoulders and extinguish the candle. Feeling the weight of all you have been through, begin to cover the mirror with black crayon, continuing until the entire mirror is blacked out. Now hold it up before you and stare into it as both it and the veil enclose you.

When you have fully entered that dark cave space, place the mirror down and tear a strip off of the paper. Write down one of the things you have had to release, such as “relationship,” “house I lived in,” “career,” or the name of a person or thing. Crumple it up, and use it to clean off a portion of the mirror. Then drop it into the dish of water. Repeat, writing that same thing or multiple things that have been lost or released on new pieces of paper, cleaning the mirror, and dropping them into the water, until the entire mirror is clean.

Now take off your veil. Relight the candle. Take a deep drink from your cup, feeling hope and peace and renewal pour through you. Pick up the first rose and say, “My heart is beautiful.” Pick up the second rose and say, “My soul is beautiful” Pick up the third rose and say, “My life is beautiful.” In blessing, bring all three to your crown, then your third eye, then finally your heart, holding them there. Now pick up the mirror and look into it once more, finally seeing your reflection there. Say, “I am whole, and I am here, and I am beautiful.”

When you are ready, take the dish of water and papers outside and leave it under the moon for a full day and night, then discard of it all somewhere off of your property. Keep the mirror and the roses on your table. When the roses wilt or dry, offer them out to a stream or river with gratitude for the sacred transformations you have been gifted.

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