Our resident spirituality expert Rory Lula McMahan offers up her monthly insight into what this new moon cycle holds for you – and how to make it work for you.

The Deck: The Lioness Oracle Tarot

The Draw: I The Magician, Four of Wands, Seven of Pentacles

The Vibration:  Everything is possible now.  But before we can truly manifest, we must first learn to master. This lunar cycle is showing us the immense power of the tools we have gathered, the undeniable beauty of the spaces we have created, the sacred alignment that we have at last reached – and it is also showing us the deep folly of both too much ego and too much self-doubt. We are finally at the gateway of our journey into living our true purpose in this life, and we will only access the path before us if we understand that we are new at all of it. We will only walk it well if we are simultaneously willing to accept that we still have so much to learn and also willing to fully own that we have always had so much to offer. You are standing at the precipice of pure, unadulterated creation, of pulling the stars from the sky to light your way, of shifting the fabric of reality with your touch, of opening not just doors but walking through walls. Magnify all of it by bowing deeply, earnestly down to every single thing that got you here – including yourself. Then stand up and do what you are meant to do.

The Intention: Your environment matters. Consciously surround yourself with the people in your life who truly support you on your path, those who celebrate your growth and uplift you rather than hold you back or pull you down. When your personal power begins to emerge, it can be tempting to tell yourself it isn’t real, or you aren’t good enough, or your capabilities just won’t meet the demands. This month, that self-talk is only holding you back from becoming all that you truly are meant to be. So it’s time to gather up the circle of friends and family who will constantly remind you of your value and demand that you stop selling yourself short – and who will also genuinely fill up your life with fun, social time, and laughter while you reach down for your deepest dreams.

The Affirmation: I surround myself with those who lovingly support my power.

The Ritual: Gather a piece of paper and a pen or colored markers.  If you wish, light a green candle while you do this work to enhance your focus and intention. You may also like to place a piece of malachite on your altar or table for this lunar cycle, which will bring in the energy of foundation, growth, and prosperity.

Breathe deep, and think about what your deepest desire is. Whether it is career, home, relationship, health, spiritual wholeness – whatever it is – truly connect with how much you want to create it in your life. Now draw a small heart in the center of the paper. This is you united with your dream. See it. Know it. Next, thinking about the people you love and trust the most, draw a close, careful, intentional circle around the heart. As you sit back to look at your little heart surrounded by this circle, know that you too are beautifully protected and cared for by those you trust in exactly the same way. Feel the safety of allowing your gifts to show in such a safe space. Place the paper on your table or altar where you can see it regularly.

Every day during this cycle, whether each morning or each night, take a moment to draw a new, larger circle around the previous one. Feel free to use different colors and different mediums – do this however you like. But know that with each ring, you are slowly sending out your intention to share yourself and your new way of being with the world, expanding outward as you more and more confidently claim your vision for your best life. Just like seed in soil, your dreams need daily tending and patient care – but when the time at last is right, the reward is beautiful transformation you are able to recognize with your very own eyes and hold in your very own hands.

For more mystical guidance throughout the month, check out Rory’s Instagram.

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