With a new moon in Aries tonight, we’re so excited to share the first piece of our new wellness series: Lunar Readings.

Our resident spirituality expert – Rory Lula McMahan – will be offering up her monthly insight into what each new moon cycle holds – and how to make it work for you. Each reading will take place using three cards from a different tarot or oracle deck to predict the vibrational energy of each new moon cycle. These readings will be accompanied with a new moon self-care ritual, as well as monthly DIY activities to coincide with the full moon.

The Deck: Universal Waite Tarot Deck

The Draw: 5 of Pentacles, 5 of Cups, XVIII The Moon

The Vibration: In this cycle, we are being asked to truly look at the things that do not support us, that do not serve our ability to be our best self, and that keep us in a place of defeat rather than in a place of elevation. These aspects of our lives are not always easy to explore. But our willingness to face them now will change everything about the ways we are able to move away from our disappointments and forward into our actual, manifested happiness.

Currently our eyes may be so focused on what we are lacking that we don’t even realize there is help right in front of us. We may be so hurt by the parts of our lives that betrayed us that we don’t realize the immense friendship and love that is there, too. The Universe sees our hardships and is holding out everything we need to both heal for our future and to release from our past. Just lift your gaze, and you truly will be able to access exactly what you need in order to achieve the upliftment you crave.

The Intention: Be willing to let go. Be willing to turn away from what has left your life and to turn towards what is now coming into it. But most of all, recognize the incredible, beautiful bounty you still have in your very own hands. Yes, some things have been lost – but not everything. Stop confusing those two truths, and embrace what is still right here. Once you acknowledge that, you are going to understand how much you really do possess. Whether physical, spiritual, or emotional, your life is filled with gifts and abundances, and it is time to claim your blessings rather than live inside your losses.

The Affirmation: I gently release my past and in trust turn towards my future.

The Ritual: Gather a dark blue candle, a white candle, and a white flower. Place the blue candle to the left, the white candle to the right, and the flower in the center.

Light the blue candle, and take some slow, deep breaths to bring yourself fully into this moment. When you are ready, pick up the flower and, with a deep sense of honoring, hold it to your third eye, your throat, your heart, your abdomen, and your feet. Then hold it before you in your hands. Now say out loud, “I release ___.” Insert the words you wish here – anger, hurt, a person’s name, or a situation. Allow yourself to feel the emotions associated with the phrase. Then pull a petal off and let it fall to the ground. Say again, “I release ___,” expressing either the same word or a new one. Pull off another petal. Repeat until there are no petals left. Bring the empty stem to your forehead and heart once more, gather up the petals, and place them both next to the blue candle.

Now take the white candle, breathe upon it, and hold it to your third eye as you say, I receive light; to your throat as you say, I receive happiness; to your heart as you say, I receive love; to your abdomen as you say, I receive peace; and to your feet as you say, I receive my power. Then hold it before you in your hands and say out loud, I receive my bliss. Breathe on it again. Place it back on your altar and light the candle. Sit for a few minutes watching it burn, and allow yourself to fill with a sense of gratitude and calm.

Allow both candles to burn out completely. Take the remnants of the blue candle, the stem, and the petals outside and release them at the base of a tree in offering. Turn away and leave that part of your life behind, and as you walk away, know that you are fully claiming the unencumbered beauty of your future.

Next week, we’ll be sharing our first full moon DIY activity to help you harness energy for your most light-filled year yet! For more mystical guidance throughout the month, check out Rory’s Instagram.

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