Our resident spirituality expert Rory Lula McMahan offers up her monthly insight into what this new moon cycle holds for you – and how to make it work for you.

The Deck:  Vessel Oracle


The Draw:  Movement, Power, Rest

The Vibration:  The time for holding back has come to an end. The last few months have enclosed you like a dark tunnel, forcing you to step with constant hesitancy – or even keeping you from taking steps at all. And although you knew it was leading somewhere, the forced restriction at times felt downright unbearable. But now, suddenly, you are emerging into a light that is both brilliant in its beauty and breathtaking in its breakthrough. Feel every bit of the fresh new air on your skin. Stretch your arms wide as you comprehend the room you now have to move freely, wherever and however you like. And embrace completely the shift that has taken you from the depths of your soul back out into the open, waiting world. What you discovered about yourself over this last cycle matters – it set the stage for who you can now be. Your willingness to face the stillness cleared vast swaths of past selves out of your soul and out of your way. Here at last, you are able to live your life with the kind of sacred motion that manifests everything.

The Intention:  Deeply embedded ideas about yourself can be so difficult to let go of, but once you do the work to do just that, there is so very much less that can stop you from living the life you truly know is yours to live. The purpose of such internal journeys isn’t only about releasing those old bindings, though. It is also about being willing to then claim the wisdom, strength, and confidence that can then be accessed because of that release. It is about being willing to claim your power. And yes, acknowledging and dissolving your old selves can be so hard – but just as hard can be claiming your new self, and we often choose to forget about that important truth. Don’t. Just like you did with the shadows, face this sunlight you have uncovered about your very own true being, see it in all its unstoppable radiance, and then without any hesitation left at all, let yourself shine.

Affirmation: I am powerful.

The Ritual:  

To fully access your highest self and most focused abilities, you need to have a foundation of clarity and calm. No one functions well on exhaustion, whether mental, spiritual, or physical, even for mundane tasks. If you are visioning your divine dreams into reality, that truth is only amplified.

This cycle, make your rest and your sleep your ritual.  Collect neroli essential oil, a rose quartz crystal, and a green aventurine and place them on your nightstand or near where you sleep. If you are able, also add a small aloe plant. Each night before you go to bed, sitting upright, hold one of the crystals in each hand, take three deep, long breaths, and allow your day to gently flow away from you. Then spend about five minutes simply resting, feeling the stones in your palms, and filling your heart with a gentle warmth. When you are ready, open your eyes and return the stones to your nightstand next to or in your plant. Put a few drops of neroli on your fingertips and rub the oil into the soles of your feet, breathing the scent in as you do, massaging away the last of any tension remaining from your day. Then cozy up and drift off into healing, restorative sleep.  Repeat this ritual each night before bed to access the beauty and power of this month’s gorgeous lunar energy.

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