For this month’s Favorite 5 series, I wanted to take a moment to get political with you. Sure this is an art and lifestyle blog and not a political website. But sometimes art requires activation in ourselves, our beliefs and our community. Regardless of who you voted for and what you believe, this inauguration is set to be the most highly protested in our nation’s history. Here are some positive ways you can protest the inauguration if you feel so inclined. 

1. Vote with your Dollar

There are alot of issues near and dear to my heart that risk a loss of funding under a Trump Administration. For women’s healthcare and reproductive rights donate to Planned Parenthood. For supporting organizations who help fight global warming, donate to Greenpeace, Carbonfund, and/or The Nature Conservancy.

2. Organize with your Community.

Get together with your community and let your voice be heard. There are protests all over America and in 50 countries around the world for the Women’s March on Washington. Here is a link to a favorite artist of mine’s, Kim Krans, free downloadable posters. Big crowds not your thing? Talk to your friends, your kids and your loved ones about why equal rights and standing up for what is fair and just is important to you. Discuss what you can do to make your community a better place. There are many ways to make your voice heard.

Free downloadable posters by artist Kim Krans.

Free downloadable posters by artist Kim Krans.

3. Turn off your TV and get outside.

We are not required to feed into the spectacle. Watch the TV, read your online articles and be informed as much as you wish, but then unplug yourself from the TV and social media and get outside and do something positive for yourself. Maybe you take your dog on an extra long walk or to your favorite park, maybe you go for a hike, a bike ride or partake in your favorite outdoor activity. Take a few moments today to unplug from it all and connect with nature.

4. Do something nice for a stranger.

With an administration that favors bullying and dividing us against each other, sometimes the most radical thing you can do is love your neighbor. Do something nice for a stranger today. No matter how little. Pay it forward. Maybe that is smiling and saying hello to someone on the street, maybe it is buying coffee for the person behind you in line at the coffee store, maybe it is giving a hot meal to the homeless person on the corner. Find a way to put a smile on someone else face today.

5. Create Something.

Create something today. Anything. Channel your emotions into something creative. Maybe that is cooking a meal for your family tonight. Maybe it is making protest posters, writing poetry or sketching in a notebook. Maybe it is singing really loud in the shower. Find someway to express yourself creatively today. Because no matter what is happening in our world, we all are blessed with the possibility to express ourselves in some sort of creative outlet.

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