Our resident spirituality expert – Rory Lula McMahan – finds The Moonchild Tarot illuminates this month’s vibe.

The Deck: Like many of my spiritual soul sisters out there, I am an unapologetic moon junkie. And while last month’s deck, The Lioness Oracle Tarot, filled me up with the bliss of the solar-energy experience, the pleasure of sliding into the lunar spaces of The Moonchild Tarot during this cycle has been like a sigh of contentment. Danielle Noel has a truly intuitive sense for creating imagery which captures the classic underlying vibration of a traditional tarot card but then elevates it into the next level of potential, gifting us with beautiful, multi-dimensional insight into not just where we stand but where we are capable of going. And it is no small thing for me to say that my usual frustrations with the zero-diversity presentations I see so overwhelmingly in the tarot and oracle landscape were gratefully laid aside when using this deck. Unlike many artists in this field who freely use images from our immensely multi-ethnic human history (pyramids, mandalas, yin yang, shamanic drums, etc.) but then only use Caucasian models in their product, Ms. Noel’s work offers genuine diversity. Of course I love the symbolic and metaphysical component of that particular truth being displayed here – after all, just as the moon which we adore has so many sacred faces, each one a soul-wisdom reflection of divine light, so does the manifold world right around us. As above, so below. And that is a perfect way of summarizing what The Moonchild Tarot offered to me: a profound reflection back into myself, into my experience, into my seeking, not because it is simple but because it is webbed and gorgeously intricate, not because it is one truth but because it is a multifaceted whole.

The Reading:  As we move slowly away from the charisma of the Sagittarius full moon and towards the gentle heart of the Cancerian new moon, it is easy to slip from optimism into nostalgia. Remembering all the ways we have been, the places where we changed, the personalities we tried on, the relationships that formed us is an incredible mirror into our purpose and path, but those emotional memories can also pull us into that mirror in ways we then struggle to escape, trapped behind the glass of illusion. It’s time to release the self-judgment about your past. Allow that lingering Sagittarian confidence to fill you still – there is no right or wrong to who you have been. It has all brought you here, where you can see the full soul-beauty of who you truly are. Deeply contemplate not the reactive memories that can hold us back with shame but the wise parts that taught you to move forward with a new kind of authenticity, more and more and more your sacred self. This five-card reading will shine gentle light onto the best wisdoms you have gained upon your journey to the now.  

Lay a small mirror in the center of your reading space.  Shuffle your cards, and then place them on top of it. Close your eyes and say, “I see illuminated truth with my illuminated heart.” When you are ready, open your eyes and pick up your deck. Ask, “What is the greatest wisdom I was gifted in my childhood?”  In whatever fashion you prefer, choose a card and lay it to the left of the mirror. Now ask, “What is the greatest wisdom I was gifted in my adolescence?” Lay this card at the bottom of the mirror. Third, “What is the greatest wisdom I was gifted as I became an adult?” This is placed to the right of center. Then, “What is the greatest wisdom I have been gifted in the last two years?” Put this card at the top. Now take a deep breath, fill yourself with peace, and ask, “What is the powerful wisdom I now walk with because of it all?”  Draw your final card and place it directly on top of the mirror in the center of the space.

Look gently at what is before your eyes. These outer edges that surround you don’t make you weak or faulty. They make you who you are, able to empathize, aid, support, connect, and love those all around you. They join you to humanity itself, to a human experience that does not fantasize escape but instead draws you into transcendent unity. These are your wise knowings, slowly gathered as you walked your spiraling path into the heart of the Universe – into the heart of you. There is nothing to fix, only pieces of yourself to honor and to carry as your own sacred, irreplaceable, authentic soul. As you see the images that circle your present and which are the rooted knowing of your present self, breathe deep again and pour overwhelming love, forgiveness, gratitude, and peace upon them all.

The Tip: When diving into deeply reflective, personal work, it can be hard to pull back from our own self-perceptions – and potentially, our own negative self-talk – to receive more elevated insight into the wisdom that is actually being offered. An effective way to break through some of those barriers is to explore the specific cards you have drawn as depicted in other decks. Tarot and oracle work is so powerful because the visual images create a different kind of input than words do, and sometimes expanding out and looking at other imagery that has been created across vibrationally similar truths can completely open up our ability to experience the archetype or energy. If you have more than one deck and are struggling to either connect with or understand a reading you have done, pull out those same cards as created by other visionaries and lay them out next to the original cards you drew. For example, the Hanged Man image in the Universal Rider-Waite tarot is going to look very different than the one in The Moonchild Tarot, and by placing those two versions side by side, you are likely to gain deeper insight into what that particular message is trying to help you explore. And don’t worry if you don’t own several decks. You can still access these parallel interpretations by looking at different deck images online. Divination is not meant to frustrate or block – it is meant to open and expand. If you are feeling stuck, hurt, or unsure of what is being offered to you, link into that truth by widening not just the words but the sacred images too.

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