This month our resident spirituality expert Rory Lula McMahan listens to the Spirit Speak Tarot.

The Deck: When I originally received this deck as a gift, I thought it would be one that I appreciated but that I didn’t really use. I tend to choose more classic styles for my personal divinations, and while I love collecting a real diversity of decks, I get pretty quick hits on whether one is destined to be constantly utilized or, instead, admired on my shelf. While I immediately adored the simple lines and folk-influenced drawings, I assumed that the Spirit Speak Tarot was not going to be a voice for me. Then one day very soon after, on a whim, I pulled it out of its box for a friend’s reading – and everything changed. These images could be so easy to underestimate, but every single time I use this deck, I am utterly stunned by its ability to talk. Creator Mary Elizabeth Evans has opened a gateway to genuinely sacred synchronicity through her images and intentions. The directness of this deck’s information to anyone I am reading for – including myself – is truly astounding, and the clarity it constantly provides is invaluable. Most magically of all, these deceptively simple black-and-white visions somehow manage to open layer upon layer of revelation, unfolding more profound connections the longer I explore their relevance to the query at hand. If you want a deck that gets to the heart of the matter without any pause, one that you can rely on time and time again, I highly recommend this powerful offering. Small enough to fit in your bag, big enough to totally shift your perspective.

The Reading: Sometimes when we are in the middle of clearing our personal space, we forget that the purpose of doing so is to make room for our next-level joy. It’s never easy to acknowledge the hurts of the past and the wounds we carry, but there is no escaping the truth that that’s how we heal them, and this cycle has been all about seeing and healing and then healing some more. The Universe provided a watery gateway the past month, and we stepped through consciously and with open eyes, maybe not always willing to embrace but at last willing to allow. Good news – it’s finally time to move from discovering the roots of your pain to discovering the reach of your happiness. The whole point of seeking personal truth in solitude is so that you can rejoin this vibrant life in full union – and then, through your ever-expanding, beautiful authenticity, teach others to do the same. This month’s reading pulls in the overflowing power and potential of your best life.

If you have them available, cover your reading surface with a white cloth and light an orange candle to link into the vibrations of trust and positive creation. Then shuffle your deck as you take a few centering breaths, becoming fully present in this moment of highest-self intention. As you draw the cards, lay them out starting first at the bottom of your divination space and climbing towards the top in an upward column. When you ask each of the below questions, remember that every spiritual path is always a work in progress, and do not allow yourself to fall into denial that you have made great strides in each area that is revealed. Even if you haven’t completed the work, your guides, ancestors, and your sacred self are letting you know where you have truly been able to transform and what is now opening before you because of it.

Question 1: What have I allowed myself to heal? Draw, and place your card at the bottom of your divination area.
Question 2: What have I allowed myself to release? Draw, and place above your first card.
Question 3: What pattern have I allowed myself to break free from? Place Card 3 above Card 2.
Question 4: What beautiful self-truth have I learned in the slow depths? Place above Card 3.
Question 5: What sacred gift am I now able to bring back out into the world because of it? Place above Card 4.
Question 6: What divine wisdom empowers my greatest happiness? Place above Card 5.
Question 7: What unlocks the manifestation of my bliss? Place at the very top of your column.

Take time to fully explore each card you now see laid out before you. Be sure to remove judgments around whether you feel you have completed your processes, instead focusing on the divine gift of what has been brought to consciousness, revealed, and at the very least begun. See how your path rises and elevates in front of you, laid out in a beautiful progression of healing, release, and renewal. The soulful power of your whole being shines here, bright and welcome and very, very real. You purposefully sought truth and knowledge so that you could create your best life – and now you are emerging on the other side with the wisdom you need to do so. May your walk be all you dream it to be.

The Tip: As humans, we can often fall into worry as to whether we should stick completely to the instructions laid out in front of us or if we are allowed to shift things around to better fit our needs. After all, not only do we wish to avoid stepping on toes – we also want to fully access the wisdom that is being offered, which sometimes truly is dependent upon our ability to follow directions in order to get to the final answer. But with divination and tarot, getting too caught up in the precise details of a spread can hold you back from getting what you actually seek. Is it important to take the intent of a particular reading you are working with into consideration? Absolutely. It was created with that intention in mind, and so that is what is empowering its vibration. Will you fail to get the information you are seeking if you change the wording of a question, alter the order of the card draws, or adjust the physical layout so you can better connect with it? Absolutely not. Don’t be afraid to relanguage phrases that don’t resonate or move cards into positions that visually make more sense to you if you feel the need. The goal is to open your intuition and your ability to receive useful input, and a question that doesn’t click or card order that distracts won’t do that. Try to re-create the underlying purpose of the original, but always make sure that someone else’s words or ways don’t block your own access to understanding. Divination is not about dogma. It is about unfolding a path to your authentic self. Honor the creator of any particular spread by using it in the spirit it was intended, and honor yourself by, when needed, making it your own.

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