Our resident spirituality expert Rory Lula McMahon expands our senses with Art Oracles: Creative & Life Inspiration from Great Artists.

The Deck: Working with oracle decks always provides such an opportunity to explore previously unknown pathways to our intuition and patterns, but they can also intimidate with their unbound freedom, a sometimes anarchic space occupied only by the whimsy of the creator. However, it is exactly that unbinding which births brilliance and epiphany, as any creative knows. Art Oracles: Creative & Life Inspiration from Great Artists pushed me without apology to move past the confines of mundane construct and straight into tearing down anything that places limitations on the value of my individual experiences. Through the lens of soul-level artistic comprehensions, I found myself digging into often unconsidered ways of seeing the world and in doing so was gifted with a diversity of perception and truth that was intelligent, thought-provoking, and utterly expansive. Sitting in contemplation with these soul-driven masters was nothing short of revelatory, and allowing their visions to be gateways to spirit was nothing short of divine. With each exploration, I was left with an incredible awakening about my own embedded interactions with the people and spaces around me and the realization that I have the powerful capability to transform those interactions into whatever I imagine. This surprising, brilliant deck offered such clear validation that living life in my own way, on my own terms, and with my own explanations makes just as much sense as anything else on this beautiful, chaotic journey – and that expressing my most connected authenticity will always, always light up my path.

The Reading: The previous cycles of the past few months brought us through incredible – and also incredibly exhausting – portals of change and self-transformation. It can be disorienting to sense that you’ve shifted perception in so many ways and now have to somehow navigate your way back into a world you may hardly even recognize any longer – not because it is so different but because you somehow are. But you are finally ready to step into a new understanding that your gifts, your spirit, your perspective is of incredible value exactly because it is uniquely yours. No one is like you, and that is such a profound and sacred thing that there are no adequate words to express it. Instead of hesitating to fully reconnect, it is a beautiful time to dive right in and let yourself shine – or gently glow, if that’s more comfortable.

You can do your reading on any surface at all, but to magnify the intention, try laying out a yellow, orange, or red cloth to place your cards on, and create lighting that helps you feel relaxed and open. A favorite object from nature can bring a sense of connection as well. Spread your deck out in a fan in front of you and then pause for a moment. Uncross your ankles or legs, let your hands sit loosely open, close your eyes, and take a few deep, cleansing breaths. Now imagine yourself awakening in a cool, dark room, and then, as your eyes adjust, find yourself moving towards a door. As you reach out to open it, sense, feel, and see sunlight beginning to trickle in, slowly at first but as you pull the door wider soon pouring in around you, warm, bright, and somehow asking you to be a part of it, to join the life that is coming into vibrancy everywhere now. As you look around, you may feel surprised at how much is there – how much has survived the past storms, how much looks fresh and clean and new. Picture yourself walking fully into the clear, gentle air. As you stand there, each breath a golden renewal, notice a tarot deck laid out on a large flat stone before you, warm from the sun.

Now ask these three questions, and draw a card after each one:

  1. What was keeping me separated from my best life?
  2. How am I now being called to connect with the world around me?
  3. What unique soul power do I hold that can create authentic ease, vibrancy, and peace in my life?

These can feel like big questions to both ask and to receive information about. Do not be in a hurry to understand all of what your cards are sharing with you here. Spend as much time as you desire sitting with the images, emotions, intuitions, and symbols they are offering. Leave them out somewhere you can see them frequently, and explore any changing perceptions of their meaning over the next few days as you go about your routines and are part of the human experiences around you. Know that your intentional, conscious work over this past stretch has shifted you into a new kind of presence in the world, and the wisdoms offered here are beautiful keys to navigating these transformed ways of personal being.

The Tip: It’s easy to move quickly through a reading, especially when it is for a very direct question, but expand your experience and give slow understanding a try. Instead of spending only your allotted time diving into the meaning, leave out your draw for the rest of the day – or even for a few. Allow the wholeness of your cards to sit with you both visually and in vibration before you put them away again. There is often so much more to learn from the images and the concepts than is revealed in the human flash of an hour or two, and if you intentionally make a place for the knowledge that your Universe is trying to share with you, you will almost always be rewarded with a level of insight, epiphany, or perspective that you cannot access through a handshake rather than a visit. Invite these card-beings into your experience for a longer stay. Pay attention to how the colors, emotions, numerology, and art interact with the flow of your tasks and perceptions across a period of time. Whether you perceive the spiritual component as symbol, intuition, guide, ancestor, angel, deity, or highest self, your deck does not want to have a minute of your time – it wants as much time as it takes to awaken you to your best life, and it is providing endlessly creative ideas for how to do just that. It teaches you how to be less afraid of being authentically you and to be genuinely excited about the potential you bring to the table every time you are. Your cards are windows into transformation, reflections of what your most elevated way forward can be, what it actually will be if you are simply willing to listen carefully enough to hear the wisdom whispered across endless ages of mothers and goddesses and those who love us so and who are standing by our side. Leave your cards out, and see what else they might have to say.

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