Today is the Full Moon in Capricorn which takes place during Eclipse Season with a partial lunar eclipse.

So what does that mean?

This eclipse energy is all about releasing what no longer serves us so that we can stand in the center of who we truly are. This is a time of celebration of who we are and a moment of reflection for all the inner work we have done to get here. Trust that what you need will be available to you to embody and that what you wish you give will flow from you abundantly.

For an in depth reading of this month’s lunar energy by our resident spirituality expert Rory Luna McMaHan, read our full article here.

For our Full Moon DIY, I am sharing five crystals for letting go. You can carry one of several of these crystals around with you to help you remember what you have committed to letting go of, or place them on a bookshelf or window so that you can enjoy their beauty. My malachite is pocket-size, so I keep a piece in my purse so it is close to my wallet, and I keep the other piece on my desk. If a gemstone really calls to you, you can find jewelry with that stone in it so that you can wear it on you as well like I have done with my labradorite.

Malachite – transformation, promotes abundance and wealth, clears chakras.

Amethyst – Inner peace, transformation, healing of the heart and spirit, relieves insomnia.

Smokey Quartz – Calming, strengthens intuition, helps lift depression, grounding and detoxifying.

Labradorite- transformation, calming, trust in self and your own intuition.

Citrine – the manifestation stone. Calling in your new truth, creativity, enjoyment and confidence, relieve anxiety, attracts wealth and prosperity.

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