It was so exciting to open up my art studio a few weeks back for Denver Arts Week. Now that my gallery is closed, I have been deep in the creative process and my new art studio is such a sacred, private space. So I had a blast being able to open my doors to an intimate crowd and show off my new creative space.

The coolest thing about the location of my studio is that it is onsite of a local distillery, Ironton Distillery. Since I love a good theme, we themed the event, “Gin and Jazz” and were able to showcase two gins that were made on site. We also served a whiskey which allowed guests to sip a Negroni, Martini or Manhattan. 

My favorite thing about my art studio is that it feels like an extension of my home. It is full of art books, plants, and a cozy couch for reading and meditation. I was so pleased that a few of my friends came with their kids, and we set them up with an art making station of their own.

Thanks again to those who came out. I plan to do another open studio event in the summer. But until then, I want to make a blog post giving a full tour of my studio along with how I organize my paints, what some of my favorite art books are and how I set up my create space for new projects!
For more details on my art, be sure to check out my art portfolio website,


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