This month’s oracle deck review is the Vessel Oracle by Mary Elizabeth Evans. As always, this deck is reviewed by our resident spirituality expert, Rory Lula McMahan.

The Vessel Oracle opens our heart.


The Deck:  Sometimes the most sacred messages come to us in the most innocent forms, and once again Mary Elizabeth Evans reveals that truth through her spirit-warming Vessel Oracle. There are definitely days where, rather than dig into the depths of my soul, I want to fill it with hope, and gentleness, and simple clarity. This is a deck I will turn to again and again for exactly that. It is beyond perfect for those with a regular practice of drawing a card at the beginning of each day or for anyone looking to incorporate that small ritual of daily self-care into their routine. The folk-art drawings easily access the best parts of one’s perceptions, and they each provide a word that can be used to create meaningful intention as you move through the world around you or placed upon your altar to amplify your spirit self-care spells. This is a deck that I recommend for everyone, beginners and experts alike. We all deserve to feel this good about learning what we need to grow.

The Reading:  Looking into our hearts and souls doesn’t need to be complicated to be impactful. Sometimes just having guidance on where to focus our intention is all we need to make the changes we most want. This cycle, rather than struggling with the depths, keep your approaches simple and see where it can lead. 

Each morning when you wake up, do this straightforward one-card draw. Shuffle your cards, close your eyes, and take a deep, awakening breath. Then ask: What is my path to happiness today?


Hold the information in your heart, allowing it to guide your way all day.

The Tip: One-card draws like the one above can open up so much more than what you notice at first glance, especially when asking a question that has room for play, such as “What is my path to happiness today?” Don’t just pay attention to the classic interpretation or the words that might be written there. Also notice the components that make the image what it is. For instance, if the prevalent color is yellow, you might consider wearing something yellow to bring about your happiness. If there is a cat somewhere in the illustration, spend your lunch hour at a rescue petting some real ones. Get creative with what the signs and symbols may be trying to tell you or what you may be trying to tell yourself. Remember, the only rules to discovering meaning in the world around you are the limits you decide to put in place.

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