Sometimes life gently nudges you somewhere unexpected, and unplanned.  Sometimes life sweetly whispers you home to your roots, your heritage and your family.  Life did exactly that for me this fall.  With our basement construction in process the last two months, I needed refuge from the construction dust/toxic war zone that is currently my once santuary home.  So I left my home in the capable hands of our design team and headed for retreat in the mountains of North Carolina.  The mountains where my grandfather was born, my great grandfather, and my great great grandfather.  My family roots run deep in these mountains and I can feel their songs in the blowing wind and the setting sun.

I am deeply grateful for this home away from home and for time with my family. The highlight of my time here was bearing witness to the birth of my nephew, MacLaren Moretz.  These special memories of family, new life, turning leaves of the season, and way too much barbeque and cole slaw to count will be with me forever.  I feel the grounded wisdom of my ancestors who called me home, and to them I am forever humbled.

Here are some cherished moments from the past six weeks staying at my parent’s home in Blowing Rock, North Carolina.  

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