Camping is one of my favorite things to do in the summer and fall in Colorado.  Well actually, let’s be real and call it glamping.  I love being out in nature and waking up and going for an adventurous hike.  I love the smell of campfire that permeates the air. I love the night sky.  

When I go camping (glamping), I like to bring a few extra touches with me to make the campsite feel like home.  There are a few easy things I like to do that make a big difference to me when I am camping.  I bring a tablecloth and a vase for wildflowers that I will pick when I am hiking.  This little touch always makes me feel like the campsite is my home for the night.  This tablecloth is especially cool because it is made out of recycled plastic bottles by a company called Bottlecloth.  I love that is it eco-friendly, and the plastic-like material is cotton soft, yet totally spill resistant which makes it the perfect tablecloth for a picnic or camping trip.  Paired with a few wildflowers in a vase, and I feel perfectly at home on my wilderness adventure.  

There is nothing quite like the smell of the campfire to make you feel cozy camping.  Fortunately my husband is a campfire master, so my job is to cook the food and bring the booze.  With this camping trip we got especially fancy with champagne and cheese and crackers. I love treating myself to good wine or champagne camping.  It feels almost like you are cheating because you are suppose to be roughing it.  For food, we bring a grill and I love to make fancy gluten free grilled cheese sandwiches for dinner, or heat up a favorite chili recipe that I have brought from home.  My other favorite thing to do camping to is bring mason jar salads.  This time I brought my coconut quinoa salad recipe.  For other recipe ideas for camping, check out my post on how to pack the perfect gluten free picnic

Jazzy is the real glamper of the family.  She has her own travel outdoor dog bed and doggy backpack for camping.  She loves the hike, but after a few miles gets exhausted because she is only 8 lbs, so then she hops in her bag and gets carried the rest of the way like the puppy diva she is.

What are your favorite things to bring camping? What are your favorite glamping indulgences?

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