I just returned from the most amazing trip to Italy. To me, Italy is pretty much one of the coolest places on earth. The art, the food, the wine, the history, the olives, and more wine! I simply cannot get enough. It is a love affair I hope to continue to experience throughout my life. But one thing is etched into my mind and heart, and that is the day we spent exploring the grottos of Capri.

The textures of the grottos telling stories of the sea, the cool temperature of the earth inside the grotto creating reprieve on a hot summer day, the teal of the sea which resonates deep within my being..

We were staying on the Amalfi Coast in Positano, a place where lemon trees and gardens hang off rocky cliffs greeted by deep blue sea. A place where lemoncello is served with every meal and the olives taste like butter. My husband and I charter a private boat to go to Capri for the day. We get a beautiful wooden speed boat with a driver name Pepe. Of course his name is Pepe. So perfect. Pete takes us through the scenic ride along the Amalfi coast until we get the the grottos of Capri. It is quiet around the grottos in the late morning. Seagulls circling us rejoice in celebration.

Pepe takes us to his family’s seafood restaurant in Capri. His family are fisherman. We get off the boat at this humble little restaurant at the water’s edge. We are warmly greeted. The man stands next to a large tank and asks us to pick out our fish. And by fish, I mean lobster. We dine of easily the best lobster I’ve ever had, grilled vegetables in olive oil (which also tastes like butter) and buffalo mozzarella caprese salad. And two bottles of wine. Local wine of course. 

We end the day at the Grotto Verde. We swim through brisk yet refreshing cold, translucent water through the grotto, and Pepe picks us up on the other side. I am in full communion with my surroundings. Life is pulsing through me, and it’s speaking Italian. 

We return to the boat and Pepe pours us lemoncello from his mama. If this isn’t heaven on earth, I don’t know what is. The experience is poetry. The textures of the caves etched in my heart, and the blue teal water uplifting my soul. A color will be attempting to paint it for years.




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