Tulum, Mexico is a special little place. Tucked in behind the Mayan ruins, this jungle beach town is a bohemian paradise just about an hour or so south of Cancun and all the mega resorts. I recently went to Tulum for a yoga retreat with a bunch of my girlfriends. We stayed at the sustainable eco-chic boutique hotel, Papaya Playa Project. PPP uses solar energy, recycling programs, local sourcing and water treatment to reduce its footprint. They have plans of being zero emissions and zero contamination by 2018. The hotel is all free standing casitas and small houses. They even have a tree house that peeks out above the jungle. We did yoga every morning in their beautiful yoga shala overlooking the ocean. Like most places in Tulum, the restaurant is outside and partially covered for shade, all while looking over the ocean. The hotel has beach cruisers for rent so that you can ride your bike down the main street that lines the town’s boutique hotels, shops and restaurants.

The beach is filled with beach clubs where you can sit outside on the beach, eat and drink, and play in the ocean. My favorite beach clubs were Be Tulum and Le Zebra. Le Zebra has a pop up bespoke cocktail bar by NYC’s Mulberry Project. For art lovers, Casa Malca is a not miss spot with a Keith Haring themed bar and artwork in the lobby by Kaws. My favorite cocktail spot in Gitanos. They have such fun mezcal-themed drinks, and an outdoor bar tucked in the palm trees completed with a disco bar. My other favorite cocktail bar is Cenzontle, a secret garden bar that has a top quality cocktail program and amazing bites like an octopus cocktail and duck tacos. Tulum is a foodie’s paradise. Every meal we had was something special. So that being the case, I have 4 not-to-be-missed spots. Hartwood being at the top of that list. Hartwood’s reputation isn’t just hype as the wood-fired kitchen has set the vibe for Tulum’s growing culinary scene. New spots WILD and The Kitchen Table are both so delightful. And Posada Margarita, an Italian spot on the beach is ever so romantic as it is delicious. 

So wake up, yoga, bike, beach, eat and drink, and repeat.

It’s easy to see why this little slice of paradise has visitors coming back year after year. I know I will be returning!

Outdoor lounge area for fresh juices, margaritas, wine and mezcal. That cute little hut is a DJ hut for with a sand

Outdoor lounge area for fresh juices, margaritas, wine and mezcal. That cute little hut is a DJ hut for with a sand “dance floor” in front of it.

Rustic Casita.

Rustic Casita.

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