I’ve always kind of joked around with my girlfriends that we should do a dip potluck, because whenever we get together for dinners we are  most excited for the dip appetizer to start. So when deciding what kind of food to have for the Among the Colors launch party, the Dip Bar was my fantasy made reality. This is the first of many dip bars to come. From now on when I host the occassional open studio, there will be a dip bar. If I am having a few friends over for drinks and sunset viewing on the roof, there will be some dip too. When we finish our basement home theater and host viewing events, well, it will all be an excuse for making dips. And as for the dip pot luck, it is definitely in the works.

The best thing about entertaining with dips is that most dips do best made a day in advance. Which makes entertaining super easy when all you have to do is pull the dips out of the fridge and serve with crudities, chips, crackers, etc. 

I am always discovering new dips and adding them to the ATC recipes section. My suggestion when hosting a dip bar is to having something cheesy, something creamy, and something herby. If for a larger party, make sure one of them is vegan or vegetarian. I serve my cheese dips with gluten free crackers. My current favorites are rice based and nut free, and are Back to Nature’s multi-seed rice thins.   For chips, I am obsessed with the Avocado oil potato chips by Boulder Canyon.  Being corn and soy free, it is really important to read what oils potato chips are cooked in. And as for tortilla chips and being corn free, the Beanitos tortilla chips are my favorite as the function and taste like a tortilla chips and are perfect for salsa, guacamole and bean dips, but are made with rice and beans. Such a great healthy alternative to corn! They have many flavors and they are all delicious, but the black bean and the pinto beans are my favorites.

As far as dips go, my Old School French Onion dip can be found here on ATC.

As well as the Sundried Tomato Bacon Goat Cheese dip.

My vegan cashew pesto dip and green goddess dip will be coming on to ATC soon, and will be posted here as well.

And more dips will be coming seasonally. I am experimenting with zucchini hummus and beet hummus at the moment.

What are your favorite dips? What dips would you like to see on ATC?

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