To be honest, January has been off to a rough start. I’m calling it this wild three week Mercury Retrograde… (Which goes direct on Monday.. Thank goodness!) Everyone I know is feeling it in some way. I have been in and out of the emergency vet hospital with my sweet pup, Jasmine, all month. It’s been very stressful and scary.

Sometimes working out isn’t about New Year’s Resolutions at all. Sometimes it isn’t about body image, burning off the holiday indulgences or getting “into shape.” Sometimes working out is just about giving yourself that hour to check into your mind body spirit connection, and about giving yourself a chance to let go of all the shit that is weighing you down… So that you can go out into the world and be the best version of yourself no matter what crazy crap the world might be throwing your way.

My Pilates classes at Fierce45 have been just that for me this month. My friend and teacher, Juliana Flores, asked me last week if I would like to be Guest DJ for her classes this week. Of course I accepted and this is the playlist I made. This playlist is all soul, rock and beats to help you let go and get centered for your day. I hope you enjoy it in whatever workout you choose to do.

Now get movin’!

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