So excited to share the third Among the Colors Winter SOULstice mix with you all! It’s been a weird and intense year for almost everyone I know. (unless maybe you live on a deserted island) But as I looked back at this year, I realized it was actually a really great year for music. And it was a wonderful year for art as well. (and the opening of ATC DEN!)

This year we did lose one of the great legends, Tom Petty. It’s still hard to believe sometimes, especially since I saw him live just last year. But this year was filled with incredible music and art. Live music experiences are still one of my most favorites things to do in this world. The sense of being part of something bigger than ourselves, being a part of a community and being part of the music. 

Roger Waters live show this year was particularly powerful. And seeing Phish play Velvet Underground at Madison Square Garden was a memory etched into my mind forever… Sturgill Simpson at Red Rocks, Paul Simon at Red Rocks, Tribe Called Quest at Red Rocks… #pinchme

And then the year ended with one epic Lady Gaga show.

So I guess 2017, I will remember you for music. Because when the world gets crazy and things feel more divided and like we live in some sort of dystopian nightmare, WE NEED MUSIC. WE NEED ART. AND WE NEED TO BUILD COMMUNITY AND COME TOGETHER. 

So let’s do more of that is 2018!

See you next year…

Rock on!



Listen here or on Spotify. And also listen to the last two year’s Winter SOULstice mixes too!

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