For our newest Business Love blog post, we traveled no further than our own neighborhood, RiNo art district in Denver, Colorado. Located just down the block from our art gallery ATC DEN, CALL is a welcomed gem into the hood and to Denver’s booming culinary scene. Located in a renovated old house, CALL is an open kitchen concept day to night coffee shop meets lunch cafe meets casual dinner bites. Complete with local beer, selected wines and cocktails on tap like their Boulevardier, their beverage program does not disappoint. I fell in love with their take on a Aperol Spritz and equally in love with their house made turmeric ginger tonic that you can even get as a latte (see below) with regular milk or oat milk. The only problem is deciding which to get at 1pm on a 70 degree day on their out front patio. (Disclaimer, I got both.)

Their patio has a killer mural by local artist Stella Maria Baer of various moons and sizes in her signature burnt sierra and neutral palette. The patio sets the perfect scene for creative locals to gather for a latte, beer, sandwich or salad. My favorite thing about CALL is it’s versatility. It can be whatever you need it to be depending on the time of day. In the morning, a work station with wifi and a matcha latte, an afternoon lunch meeting spot, a happy hour destination, or a quick delicious bite with bubbles before hitting the town. Their breakfast pastries look dreamy and definitely make me wish I wasn’t gluten free. (All the bread is made in house daily.) Their lunch menu features several sandwiches and tartines as well as salads and soups. The pretzel bun veggie sandwich got rave reviews from my girlfriend while my hubby swears by the Aebleskiver and the Pork and fried egg sandwich. *Gluten free tip: You can ask for the chicken salad in a bowl and serve it with the apple fennel salad. You can also order the potato leek soup without breadcrumbs.

So their food, drink and patio game are all on point. But we still need to talk design and hospitality. The friendly greeting you get from manager Allison Anderson when you walk in sets the tone for your experience. The staff is all friendly and helpful when figuring out what to order as well as how to navigate any restrictions. And the design, well where do I start? All their little details from the telephone book paper wrapped sandwiches to the can telephones with Drake and Ghostbusters on them let you know how detail oriented the CALL team is to providing their guests with a unique and memorable experience. I also love the neon sign in the bathroom! For a good time…

I’m really excited to see what they present when the open their sister restaurant BECKON next door this fall. The open kitchen concept will be carried over into this space with seats circling around the chef’s kitchen, countertop style and will be focused on dinner with a flexible tasting menu.

Scroll our photo library and make sure to check out our interview with Chef Duncan Holmes below!

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Business Love: CALL
Interview with Chef Duncan Holmes

ATC: Tell me about your background, both professionally and personally.

DH: I am for the most part born and raised in Northern California. I went from wanting to be a professional cyclist, to an investment banker, to professional cook! Beyond that, I’d say I’m fairly into the simple things in life.

ATC: Tell me more about Call and its overall vision and business ethos.

DH: Call is really supposed to be this very simple, fun euro style cafe that is open all day. We want it to be the place people go for great simple food, little bites, a cocktail or glass of wine as just a hangout type place.

ATC: Did you always dream of becoming a chef?

DH: No. I was hoping to be an investment banker.

ATC: What are your favorite restaurants (other than Call) in Denver?

DH: Senor Bear is great! Tavenetta, Arcana and Basta.

ATC: Ah those are all great choices! What is your favorite thing about living in Denver?

DH: The accessibility to all things! Growing food community, music and nature.

ATC: What is your favorite drink or cocktail?

DH: Negroni and/or Champagne

ATC: What is your favorite food indulgence?


ATC: Who are your favorite bands? Or what to do like to listen to most when you cook?

DH: Lately I have no idea. It’s all over the place.

ATC: What is your favorite quote?

DH: Everything in moderation, even moderation itself.

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