When I found out a Kombucha Tap Room was going to open in my hood, I got so excited. My husband and I love kombucha, but it can be a pretty expensive habit when you are buying $5 bottles at the grocery store. American Cultures offers up to 16 different types of kombucha on tap from Colorado and other small companies. With their growler options, you can get discounts on refills. And with so many different options, you can try out different flavors and companies all the time. I love that I can taste a sample before committing to a new flavor. I also love the kombucha flight when hanging in the shop because you get some nice variety.

American Cultures has a dairy and vegan option kombucha float which is so yum for hot summer days. They also offer coffee and cashew chai lattes. With a great community presence in the center of LoHi neighborhood in Denver and complementary Wifi, American Cultures is a great place to work on your computer or have a meeting when you want something a little different than your local coffee shop.

I am so excited and passionate about this new business and wanted to share their story with you. See the full interview below with owner and founder, Danelle Brooks.

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Tell me about your background, both professionally and personally.

I have been a stay at home mom for the past 7 years and was so eager and ready to do something for myself.  Before having kids, I managed a couple high end clothing boutiques.  I thought about opening one, but then the idea of Kombucha came to mind.

What inspired you to open American Cultures?

I wanted to share my love for Kombucha to anyone willing to listen.  I was so happy to get the overwhelming positive response of it when running the food truck last summer.  I wanted something bigger and better…so low and behold the taproom.

Can you please share with our readers (especially for those that are unfamiliar with kombucha) the benefits of drinking kombucha from the health-angle?

Kombucha is a fermented tea that is loaded with probiotics and vitamin B’s.  It is great for your overall gut health.

I am thrilled about the location of the taproom as I can easily walk there from my house… What made you choose LoHi as its location?

I wanted a hip neighborhood area that would welcome kombucha with open arms.  I couldn’t be happier with this location and the locals that support it.  Plus, the space itself had that open feel with the windows..i couldn’t let it go.  

What inspired the interior design of the space?

I’m obsessed with Fixer Upper, Joanna Gaines…I wanted to do a clean, modern farmhouse feel.  I love the pop of colors that come from the chairs and flowers. Everything else is nice and simple.

How do you find balance between work and play? Having three children, how do you balance family life and time for work?

First off, I have an amazing staff!!!  The key to a great business is having a great staff… I truly believe this.  I am able to work a couple shifts in the shop and then do office work during my boys nap time.  I also have very supportive husband, he helps me with the boys and is constantly running around for the shop.  

Can you share any future plans that American Cultures has in the works?

We are looking into another Colorado location.  American Cultures is a locally driven company.  I only use local products to help out those living in our area.  So to be able to open more of these taprooms, would be great.  It will help out a lot of small business owners.  Especially my small Kombucha brewers.

What is your favorite fall meal to cook at home?

Chili, chili, chili…i love it!!!  we will be offering it at the shop coming soon!!!

I am Chili-obsessed too! Yay!

What are your top three places to eat in Denver right now?

My husband and I are old fashioned and still continue to go to the Melting Pot for our anniversary every year…it’s been 17 years (married 9)   I also like a good wine bar and charcuterie board at Indulge.  And on a weekly basis I crave Sherpa House in Golden.

What are your favorite Colorado outdoor activities?

We are a big ski family and dirt bike family.  But anything outdoors I enjoy.  We bought a little farm in Golden and we are all outside from sun up to sundown…it’s amazing.

In addition to drinking kombucha, what does your wellness routine, or self care rituals, look like?

I love to work out…any type of working out is great.  I have three little boys so i need to make sure that my energy level is always at a high.  I eat mainly whole foods and try to stay away from anything processed.  My family history has diabetes, heart disease and high cholesterol, which makes me super aware of what food/drinks me and my family are consuming.  We are a huge fruit family. You can not keep it stocked in my house with my boys.

What does contemporary bohemian mean to you?

When i think of bohemian i think of teal and fuchsia.  So contemporary Bohemian to me means, clean neutral background with pops of vibrant colors and patterns.

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