For this month’s Inspired Women Series, I sat down with New York transplant, fitness guru, Under Armour athlete, and all around female powerhouse Natalie Uhling. Her high-energy, core blasting work outs are no joke, and she has brought her innovative program, NUFit®, to Denver. I consider myself to be pretty in shape and strong, definitely coordinated and flexible, and her class seriously kicked my ass! And now I am hooked. I am so excited for her dance cardio, high intensity workouts that made me barely be able to breathe, my heart burst out of my chest, and my legs and core burn. But I must say, it is the BEST I have felt after a workout since I don’t know when.

So if you are in Denver and you want to get a full body workout with cardio that doesn’t involve running a marathon or a cycling class, you should definitely join me and Natalie at her new classes at the Colorado Athletic Club at Union Station. You can take her fitness classes without a gym membership, which is awesome. And I promise you will be in for some serious sweating! 

Make sure to see our full exclusive interview with Natalie at the end of the photographs.

And visit for more details on her class as well as her awesome blog.


Tell me about your background, both professionally and personally. 

I am creator of NUFit®, Under Armour Athlete, DBC Master Trainer and lastly run my media company called Natalie Entertainment Group, LLC. I know that might sound like a ton and believe me it is! I wear so many hats throughout the day and honestly I love it! I am truly living my passion.

I grew up in Idaho and came from a family of very active people so being athletic has been in my blood since I was a little girl. Athletics were always something I excelled at growing up and I always felt my best when I was playing and being competitive. I love competition and really thrive in those types of environments so when I decided to move to NYC to attend the Fashion Institute of New York it was nothing short of that. Moving to New York at a very young age really changed the game for me. Honestly, one of the top three best decisions I have made in my life. I was around the best people in the world and was thrown into pressure environments where only the best survived. For me that environment pushed me to new heights and pushed me to want to be the best. It also showed me that hard work and vision trumps everything. You have to want it more than anyone else!

In New York I worked at Ralph Lauren right out of college and from there after 4 years decided to make to leap full-time into the fitness industry. I worked at 24 Hour Fitness, Soul-Cycle, SLT, Barry’s Bootcamp and then created my own method NUFit®! In the meantime I was also represented by Wilhelmina New York and did a ton of modeling in between building the fitness leg of my business. My first campaign shoot was actually Under Armour, which as most of you know has turned into my lead athletic sponsor today. I have been with the brand for 5 years now and have done everything from international campaigns, live appearance, Super Bowl, fashion shows, market weeks, product consultation, innovation, TONS of events, editor/press events, you name it I have done it. I love the brand like they are family; they have been wonderful to work with!

Last year I was on a national television show on NBCSN called “Radius.” I was one of 5 industry leading trainers chosen for the show. I produced 5 different programs for them, which required an enormous amount of hard work. I learned so much by being apart of a TV show!! The tools I walked away with are invaluable. I learned things most people have never been exposed to in their lives. I also grew the thickest skin you can imagine! It was one of the hardest and most challenging things I have ever been apart of. I am so grateful to have that experience because it taught me so much about the “business” of what we do.

 So now fast-forward, my husband and I decided to move to Denver, Colorado in October of 2015, so exactly one year from today! We moved for lifestyle. I lived in NY for 11 years and Drew for 16 so it felt like the perfect time to leave. We both are entrepreneurs so Denver was the perfect place we knew was fast growing and had a ton of potential for people like us. Plus, we love the outdoors! We have LOVED living here, total upgrade. I really missed being outside and living here the outdoors are in your backyard. Since moving here my business has exploded! I am the master trainer for the Denver Bronco Cheerleaders and absolutely LOVE the girls so much! They have given me so much inspiration I really feel like my whole being and purpose has changed. I also run a media company and work with a few amazing humans! My team here is so talented and we are working on so many excited projects. We are heavily focused on my digital game this year so lots of content creation! I also just launched a partnership with the Colorado Athletic Club – Union Station! NUFit®, will be offered at that location for everyone! You can head to my website and sign up!

There is SO much more to fill you in on but you will have to wait and see! Lots of amazing events and collaborations coming up this fall!

That’s fabulous! I can’t wait to see what you bring to us next!!

What inspired you to get into the fitness industry?

Passion and the pure love of moving! Honestly, I knew at 13 years old this was my calling. I was born to do this!

 That is amazing. And a true blessing when you know exactly what you were put on this earth to do. That is how I have felt about painting since I was 15 and realized that people actually painted for a living.

How did you develop NUFit®?

NUFit® was developed after years of being in the NYC fitness scene and realizing that everyone was coming to the class for my energy and style and not necessarily for that particular style of workout. I also knew I always wanted to create my own art form. I am a very creative person and I knew I wanted to start my own thing a long time ago. NUFit® is the way I get to express myself. The music and the moves really tell a story and I love motivating people! I feel alive when I’m teaching!

That’s awesome. I can feel your enthusiaism when taking the class, which is really inspiring to help me not give up!

What is it like being one of the faces of Under Armour Women?

Amazing! UA and I have a very special relationship. I’ve been with the brand for so long that they really feel like family at this point.

That’s so awesome. Under Armour is such an inspired and uplifting brand. I love their message and their whole vibe. 

What inspires you on a daily basis?

That changes daily! I get inspired by talking with people, reading, looking at architecture, travel, being outside, music, and so much more.

How do you find balance between work and play?

I’m trying to get better at that. I work 7 days a week to be honest. When you run your own business you have to be there. I love what I do so it is so fun for me! I am outside all the time though and hiking and Nordic skiing are my two favorite hobbies to do on the weekends.

 I think most of us entrepreneurs can relate. I try to take a day off a week as best I can. 

What motivates you professionally?

Women you are running top companies. I get so inspired by women who work. I want the corner office and I want to have a seat at the big table. I get very fired up about this topic.

How do you see NUFit® progressing in the future?

I have big plans for the expansion of NUFit®. I am actually getting ready to train a couple girls right now. NUFit® is going to be growing in a big way this year. Stay tuned.

 What is your favorite part of your day-to-day routine?

It would be the freedom that I feel getting to do what I love! It’s SO energizing!

 What are your favorite components of the fitness and wellness industries?

The women I have met along the way! Many of them have impacted my life in such a huge way.

 At Among the Colors, we LOVE food. Could you share one of your favorite dishes you cook at home?

Being that we are entering fall I love roasting tons of veggies!

That is awesome. We have a roasted butternut squash soup recipe coming to the blog tomorrow! Love me some roasted veggies!

Could you please describe your personal style?

Causal, simple with a west-coast vibe.

What does contemporary bohemian mean to you?

Clean lines with a Moroccan twist.



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