Hope everyone is having a great summer! I have to be honest, I had a moment today when I was like, “is it fall yet?” I saw a flannel in my closet, and imagined it not being hot outside and me being able to cozy up in some fall clothes. But then I snapped back into the present moment, the 90-degree weather we have for the foreseeable forecast, and realized it was time to honor the heat and the summer and give thanks for all the things I do love about the sun. One of which being my garden, which is going bananas right now. As much as I don’t like weather over 85 or sweating my face off, I do love a lot of things about summer. Since I don’t do as well with the heat, I am always looks for ways to cool off. Iced cucumber water is my current jam for all day every day as my cucumbers are growing so fast in the garden.

I love the subtle texture and print of this organic cotton dress. I also love the architecture of the long, boxy sleeves and low sliced V cut.  And I always love it when a dress has pockets. This Mara Hoffman dress meets all my check marks. It is great for a summer event or brunch. Love. Love. Love.


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