I love a good cashmere sweater. With sweaters, it all comes down to the knit. I am currently craving the Fall Collection by Brochu Walker, an LA-based company that is some where between laid back California style and the chic sophistication of Paris. Most of their yard is sourced from Italy, so the quality is super yummy. Don’t get me wrong, I can totally get down with a good basic sweater from Made Well or J Crew, and those are both staples of mine. But the Brochu Walker luxury knits are something I totally found myself wanting to invest in. A good sweater should greet you each fall season like an old friend. Waiting to cozy up with a hot cup of tea and a book.

Since I am deep in my studio these days working on my October exhibition for the Four Seasons Denver, you will more than likely find me in these paint-splattered boyfriend jeans. When I paint, I don’t use an apron, but merely my jeans to wipe excess paint off of or test out my pens. Each of my jeans become a weird sort of art piece on their own. In the studio, my shoes are also just as covered in paint. However, I tend to leave those sneakers at the studio. So for leaving the studio to meet a friend for happy hour, I threw on my metallic sneakers to give the outfit a little more flash.

Brochu Walker the greene pullover knit, Rag and Bone Dre boyfriend jeans, Metallic Vans slip on sneakers.

Dylan is always a welcomed photo bomb. Dylan is always a welcomed photo bomb. Metallic Gold Vans Slip On Sneakers. Metallic Gold Vans Slip On Sneakers.


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