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Harvest Full Moon in Pisces DIY: Altar, Ritual Burn & Dance Party

This full moon takes place on Friday the 13th and is ruled by Jupiter the planet of expansion and abundance. It is also a very dreamy full moon. With Virgo season we are doing a lot of work to move our dreams forward. With Virgo opposing Neptune it is a great full moon for being dreamy as well. While action helps us makes our dreams come to fruition, it is also important to line up psychically with what we want to manifest in our lives.

Banana Date Power Smoothie

I’m excited to share this power smoothie with you all. This is my go to pre-workout smoothie these days. I have always been a big fan of eating a banana before a workout. It’s easy energy and never makes me nauseous during a workout, which some fruits and nut butters seem to do.


Do not underestimate the value of the wisdom you receive this cycle simply because it comes into your life quietly. As you walk through this often confusing existence, it can be so easy to mistake glamor for beauty and noise for knowledge, but now you have a precious opportunity to turn away from the edges and toward the center of it all, to the places that bring you comfort, and peace, and calm.

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