What to Pack

My Packing List: Tulum

My Packing List: Tulum
“I like big lists and I cannot lie.” I am a planner. I am a planned packer. And I LOVE to make lists. There is something so calming about list making for me. I love good old paper and a pen for all my list making. And a packing list for a vacation? Well, those are some of the most fun lists! So I thought I would start a new series around...

What’s in my Concert Bag

I have been to my fair share of concerts. I follow music like a moth to a flame and have ever since I turned sixteen and could drive to a show. Now almost twenty years later, some 500 plus concerts later, my concert going game is strong. I was laughing two weekends ago when I was at the Panorama festival in NYC about how overly prepared my concert bag...

What to Pack for California Wine Country

Today I leave for a two week wine country escapade in California with my husband.  We both used to live in California in our early twenties, but never really spent time in wine country.  I was in art school and he was traveling the country with a band, so wine tastings weren’t really on our agenda. I was drinking “two buck...

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