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This month's oracle deck review is the Vessel Oracle by Mary Elizabeth Evans. As always, this deck is reviewed by our resident spirituality expert, Rory Lula McMahan. The Vessel Oracle opens our heart.   The Deck:  Sometimes the most sacred messages come to us in the most innocent forms, and once again Mary Elizabeth Evans reveals that truth through her spirit-warming Vessel Oracle. There are definitely days where, rather than dig into the depths of my soul, I want to fill it with hope, and gentleness, and simple clarity. This is a deck I will turn to again...


Our resident spirituality expert Rory Lula McMahan offers up her monthly insight into what this new moon cycle holds for you - and how to make it work for you. The Deck:  Vessel Oracle   The Draw:  Movement, Power, Rest The Vibration:  The time for holding back has come to an end. The last few months have enclosed you like a dark tunnel, forcing you to step with constant hesitancy - or even keeping you from taking steps at all. And although you knew it was leading somewhere, the forced restriction at times felt downright unbearable. But now, suddenly, you...

Open Studio: Gin and Jazz at Laura Moretz Art Studio

It was so exciting to open up my art studio a few weeks back for Denver Arts Week. Now that my gallery is closed, I have been deep in the creative process and my new art studio is such a sacred, private space. So I had a blast being able to open my doors to an intimate crowd and show off my new creative space. The coolest thing about the location of my studio is that it is onsite of a local distillery, Ironton Distillery. Since I love a good theme, we themed the event, “Gin and Jazz” and were able to showcase two gins that were made on site. We also served a...

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