I am so happy to share this piece with you all. It is the first reproduction of my work. Well since the late 90s at least, when l and used to sell my Jerry Garcia prints on Phish tour. Can’t knock the entrepreneurial bohemian hustle. 

This painting is a watercolor, pastel, charcoal and ink on paper. The prints are 16 inch square. I made these with my dear friend Chris Perez over at Denver’s Processus. Processus is an amazing artist studio share space with monthly subscriptions to use their studio space and facilities. The space includes a wood working shop, print making area and darkroom.  One of the things in their facilities? A large format printer. I am so pleased with the way these prints turned out. They hold the color and detail of the work down to the last stroke. 

For interest in purchasing one of these prints, please send an email to info@amongthecolors.com. For more about Processus, please visit http://www.processusartlife.com/.

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