Among the Colors recently celebrated our 1st birthday. Yay! It’s been a wild and trying year and having the blog has been such a blessing.  It’s been a learning curve as with any new adventure, and I am so grateful to have a platform to share my creative endeavors with you all. It is so wonderful to have a creative outlet that isn’t tied to my art studio and that I can continue as I travel and move around.  Thanks so much to all my friends and their littles who came out to support our 1 year birthday.  

I debuted a new collection of works on paper titled Stillness Awakening.  The series was presented by Plus Gallery. I will be posting all about that series next week.  My dear friends over at the Rino Yacht Club created three cocktails for the evening all named after different paintings from the series. We literally drank the paintings… And I must say they were delicious.  We had the ever lovely Rory from The Sacred Table doing tarot card readings, and Caroline of Henna Luna doing gorgeous henna designs.  My hubby was on decks playing music, and our gracious bartender Kevin keep the rose’ wine and cocktails ever flowing. And as always big thanks to The Perfect Petal for always doing the most gorgeous flowers.

Deepest thanks from the bottom of my heart for all my talented collaborators and amazing friends who came to offer support and celebrate in 1 year of being among the colors.

An extra special shout out to our photographer Sara Ford for all being such a talent and working so hard this first year all while being a new mom to her precious son, and to our publicity goddess Courtney Parker for all of her amazing gifts she brings to Among the Colors.  I can’t imagine doing this without you both! I love you ladies so much.

Cheers to year 2!!




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