This summer I had the incredible opportunity to paint on site at the Denver Art Museum as part of their Artist Demonstration Series.  I painted two weekends in a row on the main floor of the museum where visitors could pass by, mingle around and observe my painting process. This mini artist residency took place during the Women of Abstract Expressionism exhibition. Many of the women in this exhibition, including Helen Frankenthaler and Joan Mitchell, have had a profound affect on my process and approach as a painter. To be in the same building at the same time of this exhibition was so humbling and amazing for me. And in turn, being able to see this exhibition so many times, the work had a deep impact on what I was inspired to paint while in the space. I was so moved to tears by this amazing exhibition curated by Gwen Chanzit, that it only felt right to dedicate a painting each weekend to one of the paintings upstairs on the fourth floor of the museum. The first weekend, my painting drew inspiration from Joan Mitchell’s painting Hudson River Day Line. The second weekend, my inspiration came from Bay Area painter Deborah Remington’s Apropos.

This was my first experience painting live in a public space. To my surprise, it was such a natural event to be able to share the ever-changing painting process with an audience. There is so much of what I do that happens in the process of painting but doesn’t exist in that same way when the paint dries. There are so many fleeing moments to the work that usually only I get to experience. It is nice to be able to open up some of the wonder of work’s evolution to be shared with others. Hopefully there will be more opportunities for me to share my work in this way in the future.

Thanks so much to the Denver Art Museum for having me be apart of your dynamic program. This is an experience that will be forever engraved in my memory as such a sweet, sweet career milestone.

Weekend 1: July 9 & 10, 2016


Joan Mitchell's Hudson River Day Line, 1955. Oil paint on canvas is in the collection of the McNay Art Museum.

Joan Mitchell’s Hudson River Day Line, 1955. Oil paint on canvas is in the collection of the McNay Art Museum.


Weekend 2: July 16 & 17, 2016

Deborah Remington's Aropopos, 1953, is part of the Denver Art Museum's permanent collection.

Deborah Remington’s Aropopos, 1953, is part of the Denver Art Museum’s permanent collection.

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