On March 1, ATC DEN debuted our new spring show “How Things Take Shape,” a group exhibition I curated, featuring the works of four of my favorite local Denver artists exploring geometric abstraction.

Elisa Gomez’s Canopy series is based on the colorful abstraction of architecture and landscapes. The intersection of light and shadow are interpreted with vivid color relationships while simplified formations suggest an interaction between manmade structures and nature.

New abstract geometric paintings by Frank Martinez are intentionally untitled and under-prescribed so as to invite open interpretation between the viewer and the work. Martinez’s bold, minimal geometric work references plausible forms which would be impossible in three dimensions – multiple planes that seem to, yet play with perception in an exploration of line, curve, stasis, and movement.

Sandra Fettingis’ series, You’ll Get There in the End, employs repeated lines and shapes to convey the many steps we take in life that lead us to a space, the end, or a whole of something. Each piece is a study on form and repetition, exploring the relationship between shapes, line, and color, while abstractly pointing at change, pattern breaks and the law of attraction.

The Aurora Vortex, an interactive video projection created by David Quakenbush, is not an object of art, so much as a curious environment that relies on audience participation. If you choose to interact with the work, you will find yourself caught up in a place of playful, spontaneous, joyful engagement.


Thanks to everyone who came out to celebrate the first Friday of the month with this amazing group show. “How Things Take Shape” is on display at ATC DEN through April 13.

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Work will be on view during gallery hours, Noon-5pm, Wednesday through Saturday, March 1 – April 13, 2019. Join us for an artist talk on Wednesday, April 10, at 7 pm.

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