About Old

Laura Krudener, Founder and Creative Director.

Favorite Artist  Julie Mehretu, Pat Steir, Helen Frankthaler.

Favorite Band  Currently, D'Angelo.

Favorite Drink  Small batch whiskey on the rocks.

Favorite outdoor activity  Skiing on a powder day. 

My top 3 beauty products are  My kale face mask by Eminence, lavender oil, and Indie Lee's squalane facial oil.

My perfect Sunday  Morning yoga session, brunch and a long afternoon in the studio with my husband and dog.

Things I love most  Celebrating life. Finding moments throughout the day to soak in all in. Whether is it a long walk, sipping my morning green tea while watching the birds outside the window, dinner with friends, dancing at a concert, or letting it all go on the yoga mat. Life, it's a wild ride.

What are you most grateful for?  The love and support of my family and friends. The freedom to be creative, explore, contemplate and expand.

What is contemporary bohemian?  Contemporary is of the moment, awareness of the community and world around you. Bohemian means using your own creative expression to navigate each moment in a way that is authentic and honest to you. 


Sara Ford, Editorial Photographer.

Favorite Artist  I am terrible with favorites, but I love Alex Prager, Gottfried Helnwein and Daniel Sprick.  

Favorite Band  Again, I can never definitively answer this question, but I am really enjoying Gardens & Villa at the moment.

Favorite Drink  Wine of any color.

Favorite outdoor activity  Picnic!

My top 3 beauty products are  A good exfoliator, Maracuja oil, Eyelash curler.

My perfect Sunday  To rip off Johnny Cash…This morning, with them, having coffee. (them being my man and my baby)

Things I love most  Being a mother and a wife

What are you most grateful for?  Being able to photograph for a living.  I never thought it was something that could actually be possible, and it is.

What does contemporary bohemian mean?  Bohemianism is defined as the practice of an unconventional lifestyle, often in the company of like-minded people, involving musical, artistic, or literary pursuits.  As a “contemporary bohemian” we have these same pursuits, but with the aid of technology and social networks we can exponentially expand our connection with other like-minded people.  Our community is everywhere.


Founded by Denver-based artist Laura Krudener, Among the Colors is a lifestyle and community project focused on bringing color and creativity into your life. Featuring original content, collaborations with artists and makers, and guides to inspired living, Among the Colors offers passion and thoughtfulness to help enrich and inspire the art of everyday life. Through artist interviews, fashion profiles on creative women, and food and wellness guides, Among the Colors will curate a Contemporary Bohemian style authentic to it’s roots in Denver, Colorado.

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